You’re probably wondering why I’m posting about a Halloween piece in June. Well, I just got a package in my mail box and it is my new piece, published by Alfred Publishing! This was the first time I had seen the cover,  so you can imagine how exciting it was to open the package! Thank you, Alfred, for the cute cover! I can’t wait to show it to my students!

When I wrote this piece I was thinking about the first Halloween I can remember. I  was three years old,  just about a month before my 4th birthday. It was the first time I had a costume and was going “trick or treating.” My older cousin came walking in the room with his mask on, and it scared me to death! Then my very sweet aunt told me not to be scared, he had on the mask because it’s Halloween! So thankfully, I was not scarred for life and went on to have many fun Halloween nights. These days I get to re-live my childhood when I write Halloween music!

My favorite costume back then was my cowgirl costume, which probably really dates me! Anyone else remember Annie Oakley?

Just Because It’s Halloween is an elementary piece that is very easy to learn if students have some experience with skipping notes. Both hands are in the D minor 5-finger scale position and there are just enough finger numbers to help out if they are not used to that position.  This is a great piece to help a student who is having trouble playing out of middle C position. It a good piece to give a transfer student who needs something fun to work on while you get to know their skills.  There are words for singing along and a teacher duet that is easy enough for an intermediate sibling.

The first and last section feature staccato notes while the middle section is legato. There are plenty of opportunities for your students to add expression and imagination by using forte and piano and “stretching” the beat at the end of the B section.

This is hot off the press, so it’s not widely available yet. If you’re in the Dallas area, Nadine’s Music Manor is stocking it. In Houston, you can get it at Valentine’s House of Music and they also take online orders. I like to support local music stores if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. On the Alfred site, you can see a preview of the music and here is where it is listed on Amazon. Just Because It’s Halloween

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below by Monday, July 7, 2014, at midnight CST telling me your favorite music store to buy Halloween music, either local or online! I’d love to hear from you!

The winner must have a U. S. address and will be randomly selected and announced  after the deadline.  The lucky winner will receive a copy of the sheet music in the mail!

(Comments are moderated, so your comment might not show up immediately.)

[The contest is over and the winner is Patricia in Tucson! Thank you to everyone who entered. I enjoyed reading about where everyone lives and where you buy your music. Thanks for all the congratulations, as I really appreciate all your kind words. This is the first give-away I’ve had on my site and it’s been a lot of fun for me!]


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131 thoughts to “Giveaway: ‘Just Because It’s Halloween’ by Susan Paradis

  • Brenda Rohrich

    Congrats on the new piece–I love Halloween. Our local music store is Yanda’s Music in Kearney, Nebraska–I will encourage them to carry it!!!!

  • Ruthanna

    Susan, I just came across your website while doing some summer professional development classes. Congratulations on the publication. That is exciting. I live on the Eastern shore, and frequent B&B music in Salisbury Maryland. I’m interested in talking to you about the process to get to this point in the future. It would be wonderful. Thank you.

  • Laura Lowe

    Congratulations on the publication of your piece! I shop locally whenever possible, at Turner’s Keyboards in Augusta, GA!

  • Wendy M

    I love my local music store, Marshall Music. Customer service there is amazing!

  • Carolyn Mason

    Hi! It was wonderful meeting you at the workshop in San Antonio. I try to shop locally as much as possible. Mostly at Strait Music in Austin.

  • Katie K.

    I buy music from Day Murray Music in Murray, Utah. They always have a great selection of music and keep up to date on new releases. They also have great customer service. I always want to buy so much! I look forward to checking out your new Halloween book. I know my students love to play Halloween music, but it has been hard to find. Thank you!

  • Michelle D

    I would love to win a copy of this music. My favorite music store in Plainfield Music store in Plainfield, NJ. They’ve been around 60 years and have great customer service. If there is something in print that needs to be located, they’ll find it and return your calls too! :o)

  • Teresa

    My favorite music store is Day Murray Music in the greater Salt Lake area!

  • Whitney

    Your piece looks like such fun! Thanks for sharing!

    I love Prima Music– an online source in Atlanta. They have great discounts, free shipping, and awesome sales. AND, I get a hand written thank you on the invoice every time. After my first order, I received a separate thank you note….the fact that the owners took the time to tell me they appreciate my business meant the world. Needless to say, I’m sold on Prima Music.

  • Kay Lowry

    I love to hear the stories behind the music! Thank you so much, Susan for all you do for piano teaching. I love your website, materials, and music. My favorite place to shop is Valentine’s House of Music. I am blessed to live in Houston and know Rick. He can find anything on the planet that I need!

  • jeaneice Cox

    Congrats! I love primamusic.com they have great customer service.

  • Phyllis Trautner

    I love using your games with my students and they love playing them. I was so glad to be at the Piano Camp in San Antonio where I learned even more things from you. My store of choice is in Austin at Strait Music Company.

  • Darci Day

    The Book Table in Logan, Utah! Thanks for all your great music and your fun ideas!!

  • Karen

    No local music store. Use Prima Music which has great customer service.

  • Marianne Henderson

    Hi Susan,

    I love your work and feel so blessed to finally meet you in person at Piano Camp. Please enter my name in the drawing for the exciting new Halloween song. My music store of choice is RBC in San Antonio.

    • Susan Paradis

      Great meeting you, Marianne. I hope we can meet up again and talk piano teaching!


  • Susan Hong

    Congrats Susan !! Kudos to you for your hard work 🙂

    I like to go to RBC in San Antonio or online at primamusic.com

    Thx !!

  • Mary McIntire

    My favorite is Lafayette Music in Lafayette, Colorado. You are an inspiration to me!

  • Elise Smith

    I love, love, love your website and thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I introduced it to my daughter, who teaches piano and preschool music in NC, and now she is hooked! I am excited about your new Halloween piece because I’m considering having a Halloween recital in the nursing home this year. Art’s Music in Montgomery, AL has been my favorite for years!

  • Leticia

    Congrats! I usually use JW Pepper. Thanks

  • Jennifer-Anne Creekmore

    I find the best selection of music at primamusic.com. This online retailer has their “brick and mortar” offices about 20 minutes away from me and I always get excellent service.

  • Ann Dillman

    Congratulations on the new publication! I buy music locally from AB Stephens. My students love Halloween music – it’s a signal Christmas is around the corner! Thanks for this give away.

  • Angie

    foxes music in Arlington, VA has the best selection!

  • Elizabeth Reicher

    In the Kansas City area, Meyer Music!

  • Amy Kendall

    I am definitely interested in this piece! Getting out of C position always seems to be troubling for elementary level students, so that is great that it will help them begin to explore more of the piano.

  • Carissa Liu

    sheetmusic.com and Amazon. Thank you, Susan!!

  • Andrea

    I buy most of my music , including Halloween, in Music & Arts stores, with several locations in the Atlanta area. I use several online sources, too, including Prima Music, Sheet Music Plus, direct from publishers, and Amazon. I really spread my business around :). Congratulations on the new publication!

  • Cindy Truman

    Congratulations on the publication by Alfred! What a delightful piece! Love the melody and words are so fun! Perfectly Halloweenish! Your students will be so excited! I’ll be buying copies but always exciting to win something 🙂 My students love hearing about the teachers I know from the Internet.

    I buy my music from Sheet Music Plus, Prima music and Amazon.

  • Anita B

    No stores close to me so I order online from Prima, Amazon, and Sheet Music Plus. Thanks for all you do. You are an inspiration!

  • Gwyn Goertzen

    Congratulations! I love shopping at Dietz music in Lincoln and Omaha Ne.

  • Sarah Groh

    Thanks for featuring this tune! I have only been a fan of Halloween in the last few year. It has become a new great American holiday. Kids love it!
    So I want to create a new favorite story. At our studio fall master class, we will teach the kids to create and compose based on a story book. Then, I would like to have a mini-monster concert with all the elementary piano students playing this piece “Just because it’s halloween” at the same time!

    They will love it!
    Sarah Groh
    Groh Music Academy

  • Valerie

    Congrats on the publication! My favorite place to shop for music is Spectrum Music in Lexington, MA. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but completely worth it!

  • Tonya Dirksen

    Congratulations! My favorite place to buy music in Sacramento is Kline’s Music. I also get a lot of music online from Amazon. Thanks!

  • martha

    You inspire me to be a BETTER teacher!!! My students benefit from all you do! God Bless you Susan! I can hardly wait to offer your songs to my students!

  • Loni Spendlove

    My favorite store is in Spanish Fork, UT: Boothe Brother’s Music. And THANK YOU, Susan, for sharing so MANY wonderful resources. God bless you!

  • Deborah Martin

    Hi Susan! How thrilling for you! Can’t tell you how much I LOVE you website – it’s made me a better teacher. My favorite music store here in Richmond, VA is Music and Arts. And I guess my fave on line place is musicnotes.com. Thank you for all the wonderful music fun!

    Debby M.

  • Kristin

    Online: I purchase from Sheet Music Plus, Amazon and Prima.
    Stores: I tend to shop at Flesher Hinton Music in Denver, CO.

    Thanks for your continued outstanding work!

  • Barbara Githens

    That is fantastic news! You are such an inspiration and I love your creative flair on everything you put out there! I have enjoyed drawing from your resources so much with not only children but adults as well.

    I’m excited to see the collection of pieces!

  • Mihee Heil

    Congratulations on publishing your pieces through Alfred! How exciting it is! I have been followed your posts for several years. I love your website and all the helpful ideas in teaching. Thank you so much for your generosity to share all of that. I mostly like shop my music and my students through online at sheetmusicplus.come or amazone.com. since I live in remote area, Rockport, 35 miles away from Corpus Christi; therefore, I shop music online. I would love to find your first publication in those online shops. I admire your talent and brilliant ideas. Thank you so much!

    • Susan Paradis

      Mihee, it is listed in Sheet Music Plus. I’m not sure about Amazon! -Susan

  • cindy Nelson

    I shop at Schmitt Music in Roseville, MN. I am excited to see this piece!
    I love your games site, though my printer is still deceased:( I had no idea you compose and every year my students put on a Halloween costume recital which kids and parents just love! I will have to browse your other pieces as well. Thank you!

  • Julie Anderson

    Chautauqua Music, Jamestown, NY

    Looking forward to seeing this composition!

  • Dawn J

    Arts music in Montgomery Alabama
    By the way – I love your website. It’s been a inspiration for a few years!

  • Susan Ticknor

    Portland Music Co, Portland, Or

    Thanks Susan for all you do-congratulations!

  • Amy Candland

    I enjoy shopping Alfred online, I like being able to see and listen to some of each piece, I really know what I’m getting and can think about each student as I shop.

  • Geri Miller

    Congratulations on your latest publication! It sounds like a really fun Halloween piece. I like to shop at Best in Music in Orem, Utah.

  • Dorothy Mullikin

    I buy my music from Prima. Fantastic discounts and usually here in a week!
    Thanks for writing a new Halloween piece!

  • Angela Pfeister

    My favorite store used to be Don Poh in Green Bay, Wi. It was a great locally owned store and I loved performing in their concert hall behind the showroom.

  • Alison

    I love to shop at our local music store, and they order anything I want that they don’t carry. I love to support our local businesses!

  • Carla

    I am excited to see a fresh, new Halloween piece. Thank you for sharing Susan! I love ordering online from Prima Music. With so many students, it is nice to place a big order to stock my library and have it come right to my door!

  • Lydia

    How wonderful to hear a new piece has been published! Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear it.

    There are instrument stores in our area but they don’t really stock too many sheetmusic. So often I rely on getting them online at sheetmusicplus, primamusic or amazon. I also get them from independent publisher.

    Thanks for offering a chance to win your music!

  • Janette Phillips

    I love Nadine’s Music Manor in Plano. Halloween music isn’t the only music I shop for when I’m there! I love your website and your creativity. Can’t wait to see this piece firsthand! Thank you for all you do!

  • Marion

    Congrats on your new Hallowe’en piece. I wish I lived in the USA. I buy my music on-line or at our local music store, Music Pro, here in Barrie ON Canada.

  • Linda

    I shop at a little local store here in Kaysville, Utah. A lot of the time I have to order what I want but they get it in fast. I also love the online options of downloading the music to my iPad. Nice way to store music and have it wherever I go. I have followed your site from the beginning and love all of your ideas and freebies. I donate to help a little. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you very much, Linda, for your support, as the cost of hosting and all that keeps going up.

  • Kendra

    I buy my music at Linton-Milano Music in Mesa, Arizona! I love your website, Susan, and your generosity!

  • Heidi N

    The Piano Gallery is where I buy most of my music. I love how you included a duet part with this piece!

    • Susan Paradis

      Heidi, I’ve started writing duets with all my easy pieces now. It’s a lot easier than trying to make one up when they’re playing!

  • Katie

    I’m like a kid in a candy store at our local store, Kline music in Sacramento, but I also enjoy the yearly sale sheetmusicplus has on their method books where I stock up for my beginning students. Congrats!

  • Diana Haynie

    We live out in the country, so order through Prima. Thank you for your many wonderful ideas!

  • Heather M.

    This looks so fun! Halloween is my favorite holiday-Thanks for all the goodies!

  • Priscilla Moffett

    Hi Susan and Congrats! I was thrilled for you,it must have been exciting opening the mailing….I buy music from Capital Music here in Austin….but they are not in the music selling business so not much of a selection beyond
    methods and Christmas Books…not much sheet music. When I lived in Houston I loved The Music Rack….if they are still in business? Ok –Annie Oakley yes!! but I was Dale Evans! Cowgirl costume was mine too, but also Indian Princess! Can’t wait to get your Just Because It’s Halloween! Will have to find a place to buy it! Thanks as usual for sharing your Gift with all of us!

  • Bonnie

    I buy music at both our local stores…Long and McQuade and The Music Court

  • Nancy Fann Repass

    Susan, you are an inspiration for me to be a fun as well as encouraging piano teacher to my students. Thanks for sharing your ideas as well as your Halloween original composition. My favorite music store is Prima Music online.

  • Lisa

    How fun! Thanks for a great giveaway. I buy my music at Music Unlimited in Monterey, CA. Although, I do confess I occasionally buy from Amazon if they don’t have something I need in stock.

  • Kathy

    I like to shop at Schmitt Music in Fargo, ND. Congratulations on a great piece — I love using Halloween music with my students — there are so many opportunities for using your imagination. Thank you for sharing both your music — and how delightfully your aunt helped you make Halloween — non scarey 🙂

  • Marjorie Berman

    I buy most of my music online! Prima mysic! They are prompt and always support teachers with a much appreciated discount!

  • Joy Morin

    Congratulations, Susan!!! It looks like a great piece! I love shopping at Groman’s Music in Findlay, Ohio. It it over a half-hour drive from me, but it is worth it to be able to browse their bins.

  • Lisa

    I buy most of my music from Prima music online. Love all that you do for us as teachers! Thanks so much

  • Melissa

    Hello, my favorite music store to buy piano music is here in our town of Valparaiso, IN called Gratz Piano! Thanks!

  • Debbie Wiser

    Congrats! I shop at Linton-Milano Music in Mesa. Will look forward to seeing your print there!

  • Danielle Zick

    Love your pieces and resources. So exciting to be published!

  • Michelle Struck

    Congratulations on your piece! How exciting! And thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Kathy

    BOO!!! Pick me!

  • Christy

    Congratulations Susan!!!!! How exciting! I support my local stores mostly, but have a hard time passing up a great sale on Prima. I look forward to previewing your new Halloween piece.

  • Krystal

    There is only one music store close to me, and they aren’t very helpful or knowledgeable. I still buy music from them, it’s nice to look at music before buying it. My favorite music store, for Halloween music, and EVERYTHING is Dayne’s Music in Utah. They ship it to me and they give piano teachers 10% off! GREAT service!!!

  • Peggy Schaaf

    How exciting, Susan! I’m so happy for you!

  • Noreen Fredriksen

    I usually order online directly from the publishing company. Congratulations on your publication!

  • Laura Wilkins

    Congratuations! Love the cover!

    I buy locally from Saied Music, and online from SheetmusicPlus.com.

  • Janet Gibson

    I buy my music at Valentines House of Music in Houston. I look forward to buying your new piece. I also am looking forward to seeing you this Friday in San Antonio at the workshop!

  • Deborah Freeman

    I’m so happy for you! Thank you again for sharing your creativity with so many teachers and students.
    I shop at Pecknel Music Company, Greenville, SC

    • Susan Paradis

      I used to love Pecknels! Shopped there a lot!

  • Roxane

    Congratulations, Susan! I’m happy for you. I buy my music from Prima. We do not have a local music store.

  • Cleanasabean

    This is super! Even if I win a copy I will be buying multiples from West Music in Coralville, Iowa, for my studio! Thanks to Alfred for printing a sample page.

  • Ginger Storts

    Great news, Susan! : ) I buy music locally at Kennelly Keys and online from Prima, Amazon or directly from the publisher.

  • Nancy DeHaven

    Congratulations, Susan! This piece will be just right for some of my students (and they’ll LOVE the lyrics!). I’ve been purchasing music from Prima Music. Alas, the owner of my local music store retired and closed his doors two months ago.

    • Susan Paradis

      Nancy, glad you like the lyrics. I’ll never win a Pulitzer prize in literature, but as long as children like them everything’s ok.

  • Christine Erickson

    I like to shop online at musictime.com

    Congratulations Susan on your new publication!!!!! 🙂

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you!

  • Karen

    Hi Susan, I love all the resources on your website! Thanks for making them freely available! Congrats on your publication! I find most of my music at Music and Arts.

  • Barbara

    A big CONGRATULATIONS, Susan. And “Thank You.” My students love Halloween music and especially ones with words! The closest music store to me is an hour away so I only go a few times a year, but always make it to Music and Arts in Manassas, VA to get Halloween pieces. Can’t wait to get this one!

  • Jennifer

    LOVE it! Congratulations Susan, how exciting! Love Halloween music! I usually shop at Prima Music online. The closest music store to me isn’t close but when I’m in the area and I need something then I go to Music and Arts.

  • Shirley Holm

    Susan, congratulations, this must feel like giving birth!!! I buy music at Gottschalk Music in Clovis/Fresno, California, right in the middle of the state.

  • Rachael

    Congratulations! It looks like it will be a fun piece. I shop at Riverton Music in Taylorsville. I think my students will have fun playing this.

  • Faye Smith

    Congrats Susan!! Halloween pieces always motivate my students in the fall. So glad that yours is out for my students to play! I get most of my music from Stanton’s Sheet Music – sometimes by phone and sometimes in person (because I love to browse).

  • Karen Warne

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for Al at (Al) Ham’s Music to order this piece! Ham’s Music is downtown St. Cloud, MN, and about five blocks from my home studio. When I need something, he gets it. I also have my recitals right there in the store! So much fun!

    • Susan Paradis

      Karen, you are very fortunate! Around here, is can be difficult to find a recital venue.

  • Rhonda Hunter

    I also shop at Nadine’s Music Manor! So excited for you Susan!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you, I’m very excited too, and I hope my students will be.

  • Patricia

    Instrumental Music in Tucson gets most of my business. They are very helpful and have a large variety of music available in the store or to order. I use Halloween pieces for fun pieces between recital and Christmas.

  • Sharyn

    How fun! Thanks for always graciously sharing your passion and excitement for piano…your resources get a lot of use in my studio! I shop at K & M Music in Sioux Falls, SD. A very helpful staff…who always know your name when you walk in the door (either that or I shop there too much)! 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Diane Conway

    I love to buy Halloween music at Misic and Arts. They will order anything I need and not charge shipping and they give a 20% teacher discount and 30% on the first Monday of the month

    Susan, I’m your biggest fan!!!! Lol!!! I appreciate you and your talent so much and use your website every week!!!

  • Claire Westlake

    I am always looking for new Halloween music as my studio has a recital right before Halloween. I will be sharing this on the DVMTA Facebook page as well. Thanks for all you do for us Susan! You are an angel!

  • LaVona Cerna

    I love giving my students the opportunity to learn through musical pieces they can enjoy. I used to shop at Sigler Music here in Springdale, AR, but they have gone out of business. Now I purchase most of my music from Sheet Music Plus.

  • Evelyn Yearty

    Looking forward to purchasing your Halloween piece, Susan! I shop for my music online, mostly from primamusic.com because I live over 70 miles from a music store.

  • Cheryl Rytting

    Congratulations Susan! I am one of your greatest fans :).
    I am fortunate to have many wonderful music stores near me in Utah that I get music from. I go to Daynes Music In Salt Lake, Riverton Music in West Valley City or Sandy and Day Murray Music in Murray! I am sure all will want to stock your new Halloween Solo!

  • mary jane turnbow

    I love Halloween music and it’s really hard to get by September which is when I need to begin teaching to get it ready for Halloween. I typically get my music at music & arts in plano. The staff there is GREAT and they have teacher discounts. I hope their buyers get this music
    Infact I will call the area manager.

  • Amy Boze

    Congratulations on the new publication – sounds like fun!

    • Amy Boze

      Kidder Music in Sterling, Il

  • Amber Carroll

    Moore Music in Greensboro, NC. Thank you!!

  • Beverly

    I buy most of my music from Case Brothers in Spartanburg, SC. Great small business that gives courteous, efficient service and will order whatever I need. I love your site Susan! You have helped me so much!

    • Susan Paradis

      I grew up not far from Spartanburg. I sure do miss the peaches. Best peaches in the world.

  • Sandra Coryell

    I like for my students to have holiday pieces, so I’m excited to learn about the ones you’ve just had published. I order my music through Linda’s Music Center in Decatur, Illinois.

  • Laura Eilers

    Congrats, Susan! It looks wonderful. I have ordered from my local music store Instrumental Music and Sound in Ludington, MI but they focus more on guitars. I also go up to Traverse City, MI to Marshall Music- awesome store, great for piano teachers!

  • Leigh

    Our local music store went out of business a couple years ago. Now I shop online, either MusicTime or Sheet Music Plus.

  • Nishaa C.

    My favorite place to buy music is sheetmusicplus.com! Congrats! Your site is wonderful!

  • Sandra Coryell

    I like for my students to play holiday pieces, so I’m anxious to try your new Halloween publications. I need to order through my local music store Linda’s Music Center in Decatur, Illinois.

  • Robbin

    Congratulations on the publication of your piece, Susan! Perhaps now I’ll stop fuming that I can’t use Sunny Solos in NFJMC festivals because the pieces aren’t long enough! I can’t wait to see this piece.

    I usually have to shop online and enjoy using JWPepper.

    • Susan Paradis

      Robbin, sounds like I need to write a book called Longer Sunny Solos! But I think one of the reasons younger students like Sunny Solos so much is because the pieces are short and not intimidating looking.

  • Jill Gubler

    Congratulations, Susan

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you very much, Jill. It is pretty exciting for me!

  • Emily

    I try to support our local store when I can, so it doesn’t go out of business 🙂 pickin palace in rock springs wyoming. But it’s tiny and guitar/drum oriented so I often shop in Utah at day Murray music or online prima music is my favorite

  • Juliet Whitlock

    My favorite place to buy Halloween music is musicnotes.com. I have only one local store in my area and the selection is minimal so sad, but that’s life in a small town. Thank goodness for the internet as it led me to many great resources including yours!

  • Jolene Haller

    I like to buy Halloween music from Sheetmusicplus.com or musicnotes.com.

    I’ve found that our local store doesn’t stock holiday music as much as they used to, which is sad. I can remember getting sheet music for my piano lessons as each holiday approached and that made lessons more exciting, to see what music I would get!

  • Debra Carlson

    I have two favorite places to purchase music. Hoffman Music in Spokane Washington is the local store, and they have an awesome selection. On the rare occasions I can’t get what I need there I shop online at sheetmusicplus.com

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Regina

    Prima Music!! Thanks, Susan!

  • Francie Brown

    I buy my music from sheetmusic.com

  • Kristy Coleman

    I love using primamusic.com. They are always so customer minded and even send a small sheet of stickers and a personalized thank you note with every purchase. I generally like to shop local, but unfortunately local stores do not have this quality of customer service. Plus, members receive 15-30% discounts on all music and free shipping over $30. Such a wonderful company!

  • Barb Irwin

    My favorite store to buy Halloween music is The Piano and Organ Center at the Great Northern Mall in Cicero, NY. They allow local music teachers to use their large facility for piano recitals. Students who participate receive $5.00 gift certificates to purchase music there. I send them there in the fall for Halloween Music for our themed Halloween recital where students play wearing their Halloween costumes.

  • Fred Siika

    Hi Mrs. Paradis,

    Congratulations on your new piece. I will definitely check out the preview on the website and next time I’m in town I’d be more than happy to purchase a copy for my students. Thanks as always for all the value you provide.

    PS. My mom told me you had something for me about 2 weeks ago but I had already left Plano.

    • Susan Paradis

      Hi Fred,
      I can’t sell you this piece, but you can ask a music store to get it for you. It will be fun if a student of mine who is now a teacher wins!

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