Golden Menorah Composing Activity

Golden Menorah Composing Activity

Golden Menorah  is a composing activity for Hanukkah. Use the same suggestions I posted a few days ago for the composing activity Christmas is Coming.  I wrote words to give students the rhythm so they can concentrate on the melody. Hopefully they suit the occcasion.

I searched the web and there are a lot of Hanukkah activities, but I didn’t find any specifically for piano teachers. I am going to try to post another one or two suitable for Hanukkah this weekend.

It is late to look for Hanukkah music, but for beginning students, I like the books by Bruce Berr, Festive Chanukah Songs and Festive Songs for the Jewish Holidays. The second books is suitable for early elementary students and the first one is a little more difficult. David Karp also has two excellent books for early elementary and late elementary students, Jewish Festival and Folk Songs Books one and two.

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