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I don’t think too many of my students know this carol before I teach it to them. I remember singing it in school and I always liked it.  But in today’s world, children are not exposed to Chrismas carols as I was growing up, so I like to teach them to my students.

Even though your students may not know it, they  love to hear about the good, kindly king who helped the poor man stay warm during the cold days of winter. It reminds us that not everyone is  as fortunate as most of us are.

This is a song with not very many skips, so you always find it in beginning level Christmas books. I shaded the left hand for the beginning students who have trouble knowing which hand to use. Notice that the left hand thumb is on B in my version, but the fingering  can  easily be changed.

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2 thoughts to “Good King Wenceslas

  • Tifany Hoecherl

    The first time I learned of this song was when I listened to a Manheim Steamroller Christmas Album by Chip Davis. I love it! I’ve used many of your song arrangements you willingly share & appreciate all your work. My students love your songs! Thanks a ton for helping me be a better piano teacher!

  • carol dawn

    I love this carol, too. And really appreciate your shading of the left hand – a much simpler solution than having right hand notes red and left hand notes blue, but still as effective, I predict. Will let you know.
    Thanks MUCH.


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