Halloween Board Game

Halloween Board Game

[UPDATED: Now included keyboard cards.]

Wow, this graphic really is over the top! I illustrated it this way so I could show the “Card of Doom” in Pinterest. We’ve been playing the game in my studio, and my students love the Card of Doom, especially since the teacher is usually the one who draws it! Honestly, it’s good that I love for my students to win because somehow they usually do!

We have really enjoyed this game. Even beginning students who have not learned to read notes can play by using a staff chart such as Halloween Notes on a Staff.  If your students are getting ready for a theory exam,  this is a great review for that, too.

Included in this set are 3 pages of notes on staves, one page of fun instruction cards to mix up with the note cards, a game board, and an optional colorful back for your cards, which make them look more professional. Be sure to set your printer to landscape orientation.  Yes, this uses a lot of ink, but you only have to print it once. If you want it too look really good, use photo paper and laminate it.  [If you don’t know how to omit the optional back to the cards, check out my FAQ.]


This game can be played with students or teacher and student. The players take turns drawing cards and moving to the correct alphabet name. Mix up the staff cards with the instruction cards.  The game is over when a player draws any note card after the last D. It is such a quick game you can play more than once.


  • To reinforce or learn note names on the staff
  • To learn the word “octave”
  • To play a fast Halloween board game


  • Kindergarten to grade 4 or 5

I know some of you would like keyboard cards so you can play this with beginners. Email me and I’ll send a PDF copy to you. But give me a few days, because I don’t have them made yet. I didn’t think to add them to this set because I only have one beginner, and he knows the keys now.  So we used the Halloween Notes on a Staff sheet, which he filled out himself, and I was surprised to see him learn a few note names as he played.

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14 thoughts to “Halloween Note Board Game: Bats and Cats

  • Joanne


    I love your ‘bats’ game. I used it yesterday with my first grader. She knows the keyboard and 8 notes on the staff. She loved the “Doom” card, but maybe because I’m the one who drew it! When we got to the finish, we started going backwards, and when she drew ‘say the alphabet’ she had to say it backwards. We had the best time. Thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful work.

    • susanparadis

      Joanne, thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to be appreciated. And thanks for the idea to go backwards! I’m going to try that too!

  • Donna McLain

    Perfect timing for my elementary group lesson today!!!

  • Sus

    It is a wonderful game! I have 3 new students who only knows key names. Would you kindly email or post on your web when you make key names for this game?

    I already could see their twinkle eyes for this game! Thank you!


  • Dorothy Mullikin

    I would like keyboard cards (5 beginners) and also Halloween notes on the staff in black and white.  Thank you very much.


    • susanparadis

      Dorothy, which Halloween notes are you referring to, the link in my post? Because those aren’t in black and white, but you can print them in gray scale to look black and white. I’ve done that quite a lot over the years.


  • Sara C.

    We are so excited to use your game next week! Thank you for the awesome game rules – my student, Liam, is really psyched to play.

    (He wanted me to add: ZOMBIE ATTACK!)

  • Suzanne

    Thanks Susan for your most excellent work! I will use this in my studio and put a link on pianomastermind if you approve!

  • Cecilly

    This looks fantastic! You are making incredible materials here!!!

  • Ginger Storts

    Hi Susan!  : )

    Thanks for yet another great game to play with the kiddos!  Count me in for the keyboard cards.


    Ginger Storts

  • wolfpiano

    Thank you so much for this hard work on design and color. I’m sure my students will love it. Peace, CSW

  • Jennifer Creekmore

    Awesome! I have a special needs middle schooler who will love this. We are still working on the notes in middle C position and I am trying to vary how we review these every week. Thanks.

  • Kathy Cross

    Hi, Susan,

    My students simply l-o-v-e you games, music and worksheets. Please send me the keyboard cards for the Bats and Cats Game. I have many new students this year who would enjoy this game.

    Thanks so much!!   Kathy Cross http://www.crosswindsmusic.musicteachershelper.com “Instilling God’s Glorious Music in His Precious Children Across the ADK’s!”   Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “Wow! What a ride!!”



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