Hot Cross Buns Pre-reading

Hot Cross Buns Pre-reading

I made the notes very large on this, probably because I have been having so much eye trouble that I could barely see the computer screen. Rather than shrink the notes down,  I decided to leave them big for my young beginning students. Now I have a great new pair of computer glasses and I hope all will be fine for a while.

How do you like my drawing of the hot cross buns? I hope they are drawn right.  Those of you from the UK or wherever they are common can let me know.  I’m not really an artist but I like to pretend! 🙂

Do you think I should post the one I made for the left hand? [Update: the LH version is here.]

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8 thoughts to “Hot Cross Buns for Pre-reading

  • Mollyann Hesser

    I linked to your website on my blog I wish I had your blog when my kids were learning piano. Very nice work!

  • Betty Patnude

    Dear Susan,

    Thanks so much for your creative industry and sharing with other piano teachers! You have added much to my piano teaching which is in it’s 39th year. I use pre-charts for the first 10 lessons and does it ever make a difference in launching a new, young reader! When the music staff is introduced sometime during the first 10 lessons, it makes so much sense to the kids through the successful playing they have been doing with precharts which basically allows positioning, fingering and counting. I have made my own pre-charts from children’s songs and folk songs and public domain over the years, too, but you have far exceeded my humble attempts with great designs and illustrations that appeal to kids. Mine are the simple ___________ dividing LH below the line and RH above, and while they work fine, they are not appealing. I simply use microsoft word and I’ve wondered what technology you use to get such professional looking output. Can you share your secrets!

    Also, I share you vision problems and glasses calibrated for piano playing and computer work really have made a difference to me. I actually wear 2 pair around my neck all day: 1) the lens is a trifocal with the bottom lens for reading in a chair with a hand held book or magazine, the middle lens is the piano/computer vision, and the top is clear no correction for seeing people. 2) When I’m on the computer for long stretches, I switch to the frame that is a bifocal with the bottom 1/3rd for reading hand held books and the 2/3 top for straight ahead computer reading, and likewise, it’s great for piano playing, too. I can’t read a thing without glasses. I hope you do really well with your new glasses!

    And, yes, to printing a LH version of “Hot Cross Buns”. Could you also combine the hands together for two handed version of parallel motion? This would probably be a great time to teach the “inner fingers” (2-3-4) of the “frame” (1-5) and would catch the kids attention to the opposing fingers 4 and 2 while the 3’s are longest and centered. They might never get their fingerings mixed up again when playing hands together again.

    And, just for fun, I still have a student in his 10th year of lessons whose mother baked “Hot Cross Buns” for us and brought them to his 2nd lesson. No one has ever done that before or after that very thoughtful event. I have a picture of him and his little partner friend eating the buns on my piano in a little heart frame. He holds the record for being my longest student with others placing at 7-8 years of study.

    Songs like “Hot Cross Buns” in the first lessons just make my heart beat faster because you never know which kids will take music to heart and go with it for a lifetime. But, getting them off to a good start in pre-charts certainly helps them get off to a very good start. I think pre-chart approach is a very, very natural, very quick and fail/safe introduction to music making.

    Your fan!

    Betty Patnude

  • Karen Warne

    Oops. I mean the LEFT hand! 🙂

    • susanparadis

      OK, I’ll post the left hand one as soon as I get some free time, and hopefully I won’t goof up this one like I did the RH one.

  • Karen Warne

    Yes! The right hand would be great!
    I love your website! Thanks so much!

  • carol dawn

    Oh, yes, please, the left hand wouldn’t feel so left out then!
    The hot cross buns certainly look like the ones enjoyed by us lucky housemates in our senior year when our housemother made them for us.
    You definitely ARE an artist!! Thanks so much. We have another 8 weeks of lessons, so I’m thankfully using each piece you post.

  • Joanne


    Thank you for all your beginner’s activities. I made up a booklet for two of my students who need reinforcement all the time and included all your creative work. It is their ‘Summer Music Workbook”. Thank you for all that you share with us.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks, Joanne. I hope it helps!

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