Jewel Notes

Jewel Notes

 I like to use a variety of seasonal grand staves in private and group lessons for dictation,  learning note names, steps and skips, etc.

Recently my husband presented me with these stones he found. My husband is not a musician, but he loves all my games and is always trying to help me think of new ones.  I was so excited to get these stones because I love the color and they feel so good in the hand. I promptly made this staff and called it Jewel Notes. The stones are flat on the bottom and sit very nicely on the paper.

I used it in various ways with my group lessons. With one group I played a short group of notes that were stepping,  skipping, and repeating and the students took dictation using the stones. For older groups I made the dictation more difficult.  With another group I had students come and play a short pattern and the students wrote it with their stones. My students shared my enthusiasm for the stones!

There are hundreds of ways to use a grand staff, because, after all, if you don’t understand the staff, you can’t read music. You can use this to find landmark notes, learn the name of notes,  take music dictation, and even just to learn lines and spaces. It can be used with beginners to high school students. This is a great way to review for the ear-training portion of the Texas State Theory Test.

If you want to use this, print it in landscape and laminate it. If you don’t have any little glass stones, make some with construction paper or find something creative. I think it would be fun to have different colors of “jewels” and let the students choose.

On my website I have grand staves for various holidays as well as a plain black one. The idea is you can use seasonal items, such as candy, for your notes. This one doesn’t look much like October, but there is one on my website that is orange and you can use Candy Corn as the notes.

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4 thoughts to “Jewel Notes

  • Susan E Wood

    Brilliant! Thank you! This is really going to help two of my newer students learn notes and understand the Grand Staff.

  • anneliese hymer

    Great idea! Went and bought my “jewels” today. Am looking forward to using them! I never had though of the music dictation you mentioned with this! Thanks for the new ideas!

  • Carol Dawn

    What a lovely idea (thanks to your hubby!!). Am going right out to find some gems: red and blue.
    Went through and printed out all the note name treble and bass – the Halloween, the peppermint, the middle C position.

    May I ask for one which would be really useful here?
    To help the very young pupil, we color code: the treble clef is red (for right hand) and the bass clef is blue (for bass). Have little red and blue rings for their fingers. Would really help to have a two-tone Jewel notes, too, in that style: Treble clef sign red (with red lines) and bass clef sign blue (with blue lines).
    That would really be appreciated!!

    Thanks so much for your creative sharing.

    • susanparadis

      What a great idea. I hope to get around to it when I have more time.



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