If you use or are interested in using the iPad in your piano lessons, you don’t want to miss today’s (Wednesday, April 30th) seminar. It is at 10:00 Denver time (MDT) so there is still time for you to sign up for this free webinar, if you do it now. If you can’t watch it today, JoyTunes will send you a link to watch it later. The title of the webinar is “The iPad is More Than a Treat: It’s an Essential Teaching Tool.

JoyTunes, the developers who bring you the wonderful iPad music games and apps that children love, are sponsoring Leila Viss in today’s webinar. Leila is a super nice music educator who wrote the book The iPad Piano Studio, a great resource for music teachers. Leila sent me a copy of her book, and although I have been using an iPad in my studio since the iPad first came out, I found a lot of helpful advice and information all packed into one handy book.

You can learn more about JoyTunes at their website. They are a friendly bunch who will be glad to help you if you have any questions.
Disclosure: This post is my personal opinion. I wrote it because I like using the iPad in piano lessons. I was not compensated or solicited in any way by the JoyTunes developers.   




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One thought to “JoyTunes iPad Webinar With Leila Viss Today!”

  • Sue

    By the time I got your email the webinar was over……any way of listening to it now?


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