La Notation Musicale

La Notación Musical _ La Notation Musicale

There are many readers of this blog who are from Spanish and French speaking countries. I have previously posted German notation and that has been a big hit. I am not an expert on music notation, but I think today’s post  will be helpful for our friends south of the border and across the ocean. Check out some of my posts on games using the music alphabet for ways to use this music notation. Also, let me know if I have not used the correct words!  Please do not post these images on your own website. Instead, you may use a link back to here.  Thanks!

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One thought to “La Notación Musical La Notation Musicale”

  • Vanessa

    Thank you so much for thinking in us spanish speakers, I really love your games and they sure are very fun for students, here in my country it’s very difficult to get materials like this and your material has been in my teaching materials since 2015! I hope you continue adding more material for us spanish teachers!!! thank you so much for your efforts in creating and for sharing this! 😀 cheers from El Salvador!


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