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Lady Bug Game Board

LadyBug Game Cards

Every year I have a different “theme” for summer activities. This is the year of the ladybug. Besides, I have some cute ladybug and dragonfly erasers that I want to use as game tokens!

The Game Board

I printed my game board on very inexpensive photo paper from Dollar Tree and then laminated it. Children love how vibrant the colors look and really want to play. To download, click the heading under the picture above.

The Game Cards

 There are 5 pages to this game card file. The cards with notes on the staff are on pages 1-3. The keyboard cards are page 4. The optional backs to the game cards are on page 5. Do not print page 5 when you are printing pages 1-4.  If you want to print on the backs of pages 1-4, print out those pages first and then re-insert (according to your printer’s instructions) and select page 5 only.  As a friendly reminder, If you don’t want the backs, don’t print page 5.

The above graphic shows the optional back. It really makes the cards look good and makes the game “happier”.


This game can be played with students or teacher and student. The players take turns drawing cards and moving to the correct alphabet name. There are some instruction cards to make the game more fun. The optional card that says “move up 3 skips” is a quick way to teach alphabet skips, or to play a more speedy game. The game is over when someone draws a card after G at the end of the path. It is such a quick game you can play more than once. If you are playing with beginners using the keyboard cards, be sure to have the student say the alphabet letters out loud. This really helps them learn the music alphabet. There are so many games you can play with this game board. For example, you can start and G and move backwards. Use your own ideas and I hope you have fun!


  • To learn the music alphabet
  • To learn to recognize notes on the grand staff or keys on a piano keyboard
  • To learn the meaning of a skip in the music alphabet
  • To play a fast (under 3 minutes) music board game


  • Early childhood to grade 2 or 3

 I’m not going to be posting very much this summer, but if I make anything I think other teachers might enjoy, I’ll post it. At the top of the page you can subscribe to receive an email when I post something new. It is completely anonymous and you can easily unsubscribe.

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23 thoughts to “Ladybug Board Game

  • Dorothy

    Could you consider making the directions to the game downloadable? When I try to print them I get 8 pages of comments also!

    • susanparadis


      The game has always been downloadable. You need to click on the name of the game, not the picture, which will take you to my website.

      Or go directly to my website,

      select games from the top menu, scroll down about 9 games until you find it, select more, then select “download PDF document.”

      • Dorothy Mullikin

        Thank you! Your games excite me for teaching. I have been teaching for 58 years and thought I had used up all my ideas; I am so very glad to have found your site. PS I got the game; just wanted the directions to play it so I could store them in the bag with the game and cards!!

        • susanparadis

          That is how I store a lot of my games, too. But my board games I store in a folder with pockets, and I keep the folders in cardboard magazine holders. I also have to keep the directions to the games with them. Even though I make up the directions, I forget how to play after a while! I keep flash card type games in zip lock baggies, with the directions on card stock cut the size of the baggie so it will sit up.

  • Jenny

    I just found your website and I am soooo excited!!! I am a piano teacher and have been teaching for 15 years. I try to make it fun for the kids with games, and you have such a great website. Thanks for doing all the work to share with us!!! I am in the best mood today, because of your service!

  • Anonymous

    These are so great! I am a mother of 2 piano students and I don’t play. I really appreciate such fun ways to practice over the summer break!

  • Rosanne Cosma

    Thank you so much for being willing to share your ideas with us! You inspire me to be more creative! Rosanne

  • Pauline

    This is so cute! I’m going to print this out and try it with my youngest students (3 and a half and 5). Thanks for posting all of these activities! I’ve used several in my group piano classes.

    • susanparadis

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad you like it!

  • Lorraine Hétu Manifold

    This is so beautiful in addition to being fun! Thanks a zillion for your creativity in the design, your hard work in making them and your generosity in offering them to music teachers for free!

    • susanparadis

      Thank you, Lorraine! I’m glad you appreciate my activities!

  • Micki

    Hi Susan,
    I live ‘Down Under’ and find your site excellent. I have printed off so many of your games for my students, they love them. Congratulations!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for your comment! My students get so excited when I tell them students across the globe are using the things I make for them! By the way, I wanted to arrange some of the Australian songs I used to teach in school for my piano students, but it turns out they are not in public domain.

  • Arlette McCausland

    Thanks Susan, I have used many of your games and teaching aids. My students love them and they seem to just be the right thing I need. Recently my daughter started teaching and I have shared your web site with her. I appreciate you sharing your talent!

    • susanparadis

      I am always so happy to know that others appreciate my efforts. I like to share, and I love the connection to other like-minded teachers. It seems like no matter how many things I make, there is always a student who needs something different!

  • Dianna Denley

    Wow Susan, these are amazing, and so bright and colourful. I’m sure this will be a big hit with my students 😀 Thank you!!

    • susanparadis

      Dianna, thank you so much. Comments like yours really inspire me! I want to help teachers make music something that ALL children can enjoy!

  • Cindy Weese

    Thank you so much, Susan for all of your work in this endeavor. What a blessing! I just came across your site yesterday. I plan on incorporating them in my lessons.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks, Cindy. Let me know which things are most useful!

  • Lorie Burningham

    I just love all of your stuff and am excited to have my piano camp kids use a lot of it this summer! Thanks for sharing!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks, Lorie. I love the idea of piano camps, and there is so much material you can get on the web from other teachers who also post their activities!

  • Whitney

    This is adorable! We just finished playing Race to Middle C. This will be our game for next week. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these wonderful games, activities and worksheets with all of us!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks! I’m so glad you like it. It was a big undertaking to get it all posted! I hope I can get some more ladybug things posted.

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