Large, printable music keyboard for piano students

Floor Keyboard

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a very large, printable music keyboard to use for piano games on the floor.

I am posting it today because in my last post I mentioned how much fun we had using a mini soccer ball trying to gently kick the ball to a certain key. That is probably too time-intensive for a piano lesson, but it would be fun at a piano party or group lesson. I think my student was waiting for a late pickup and rather than let him sit there, we did this. He was having so much fun he didn’t want to leave!

Print this on card stock and laminate the pages because it is made for floor keyboard games. Cut out the pages along the outside lines, as shown in the photo. Tape the pages together with good strapping tape. (Strapping tape is used to mail packages. Regular gift-wrapping tape is not going to work for floor games.

In order to fold this for easy storage, leave a little room (about 1/8″) when you tape the pages together. You cannot fold them if they are taped too close together. Folded, it is only the size of one piece of paper, so it is fast to pull out and use, as well as take with you if you are a traveling teacher.

There are 5 PDF pages to cut out, so when it is unfolded, it is the width of 5 pieces of computer paper. That makes it about 45 inches or 114.3 cm.

The white keys are about 3 inches wide, to give you a better idea of the size.

Make up your own games!

There is no specific game that goes with this, so you get to make up any game you can think of! To get you started, it is great for throwing mini bean bags on the keys and letting the students name the key the bean bag lands on. For younger children, I think it is best to name the key after the bean bag lands, letting them name the closest white key if it lands on a black key.  Older students can designate a key and try to throw the bag to that key. You can even construct scales, chords, inversions, etc. using game chips. You can use flash cards with it, and play a bingo type game. There are many other games you can play, so try to come up with games within your students’ comfort level.

I don’t have a source for mini bean bags. However, I bet you can get a Mom to make them for you. (Or Dad, for that matter. My husband made a quilt!)

Mini bean bags don’t roll around and make the game faster so you can actually play at a student lesson.

The soccer ball above is a mini ball that is about 2.5 inches in size. It was a freebie at some convention table I attended. I also have a mini basket ball, a baseball, and a football! As a footnote, they are great to help students learn about a rounded hand shape.

However, we had a lot of fun trying to kick the mini ball to a note on the keyboard! It was hilarious! If you’re a parent or grandparent reading this, it is a fun way to learn piano keys and have some quality game time.

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