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The Fly Flash Cards that I made a few years ago have been a big hit with teachers all over the world. It is exciting to think that children are using my graphics to learn note names in places that I’ve only read about. Recently I pulled out the cards to use with a few of my younger students and it was very obvious that the cards, which I made to be the size of playing cards, were too small for young eyes. That set me to work making some larger ones that I hope will be easier for my students.

There are several ways to use these cards. Of course the way that is the most fun  is to use a fly swatter and let your students swat the cards as you call out note names. Or the student can call out notes as he swats them. I like to use a timer when the students get really proficient with notes. You can play in a group or with one student. You can also use these as regular flash cards and play any kind of flash card game you can think of.

If I play this with one student at a private lesson, it often works out best  to play this and the end of a lesson when I have an extra few minutes. Sometimes the kids get rambunctious swatting flies and  it can be hard to calm them down enough to go back to the piano and place a piece!

I didn’t come up with this idea by myself. There are numerous places on the web where teachers have presented all kinds of flash card games with fly swatters. All I did was make cards with flies on them!

If you’ve never tried swatting cards before, try it out!

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2 thoughts to “Large Size Fly Flash Cards

  • tdow

    Fantastic idea – always looking for unique ideas and you’re full of them! Some teachers I’ve spoken with use memory tricks for remembering notes C through F (ie middle C is the kitty cat with whiskers on each side, D dug down below the fence etc.) Has anyone made flashcards along the same lines?

  • Carol Dawn

    Susan, these are a much better size for the younger ones! Thanks. And thanks, too, for the reminder to play with them toward the end of the lesson.
    Will have to look for special fly swatters in some stores.
    Happy Spring!


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