Ledger Line Flash Cards

Ledger Line Flash Cards

I still remember the day as a student when I counted down ledger lines to find a low bass note one time too many. After all, I had found the note the day before, but I couldn’t remember it. In disgust, I decided right then that I would memorize the bass and treble ledger line notes so well that I would never forget them. It was such a relief and I remember wondering why I didn’t do it earlier!

As a teacher I work with my beginning students using flash cards, worksheets and what have you,  and so many times assume my intermediate students will learn their ledger line notes on their own. From my own experience this does not always happen, so this year I am going to use these flash cards with my older students.

There are 3 pages for you to print. Check to make sure your PDF document window shows that you are printing at 100% size. One day everything was printing out too small and I found that was the problem.

Many thanks to my friend Glenda who suggested I make these cards.

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3 thoughts to “Ledger Line Flash Cards

  • Bert

    Thank you very much.I’m using flash cards to study music theory but I couldnt find any that incorporated ledger lines

  • Ashley

    Much obliged! I am a harried music teacher who just wanted something easy to use to teach ledger-line notes, and here you come out of my google results like a — words fail me, like a good deed-doer, as the Wizard of Oz would say. Thanks so much!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks you so much for your comments. It is the comments and emails that make all the work posting my material worth while!


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