Printable Keyboard (for Scales F-B)

C Scale Keyboard (New)

Last year I posted a game, the Whole Half Step Game, that I developed to construct scales on the piano keyboard. Recently, I made a paper keyboard using the same colors as the game so it will be a set. Students often have trouble transferring knowledge from one skill to another similar skill. I’m sure you’ve noticed that in your teaching. This paper keyboard is big enough so that students can use manipulatives on it to construct scales. At the bottom is the whole half step pattern for major and minor scales, as a reference.  

I’m sure you creative teachers can think of a game to go along with this printable. Please share if you do!

Before you use either of these materials, be sure they understand the difference in a whole and half step.

As a bonus, this keyboard is so large that it works well on the iPad!

So what comes first, a paper keyboard or a real keyboard? Generally, a real keyboard works best for most children. They need to go from concrete to abstract. However, some children benefit from getting away from the piano. All of us learn differently, so a multi-sensory approach is a good thing. If they don’t get it one way, try another! It’s worth remembering that when they do theory worksheets, they will not have a real keyboard, so they need to learn how to transfer information.

By the way, the Whole Step Half Step Game, which I posted about a year ago, is an excellent game to teach scales.  It’s colorful and fun, and it really teaches the concept of how to construct a scale. I know my directions seem hard to understand, but give it a try, because it’s really very easy.

Whole Half Step Game to Learn How to Make Scales
Whole Half Step Game to Learn How to Make Scales

Whole Half Step Game




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10 thoughts to “Let’s Learn Scales

  • Brian

    Awesome templates! I do play a similar game with my youngest students. I use little lego characters and a cardboard mock-up dice but it only has the words whole or half on the sides. Then we each take our lego tokens and roll the ‘dice’ to see who makes it up the keyboard first.

  • Tim Topham

    Hi Susan – I love your ideas! Thanks for giving it away for free too. Just a suggestion from those of us in the UK/Aus… you may want to consider a “Semitone”/”Tone” version as we don’t use Whole and Half Steps here – might get even more downloads 🙂
    Thanks again!

    • Susan Paradis

      Tim, that’s a great idea. I have a lots of readers from the UK and Australia and I know you do not use the whole step-half step terms. Have you seen the worksheets I posted recently just for my UK and Australian readers? I plan to keep updating it as I have time. Since I am making things for my own students, and just post to share, it takes me a while to make special things like that that I don’t actually use myself. But I do try! PS I’m enjoying your book about teaching teens!

      • Tim Topham

        Hi Susan – I wasn’t familiar with your Aussie worksheets – feel free to send me a link 🙂

  • Jill Gubler

    Hi Susan, could you refresh my memory of how to get this game onto an iPad? I have a new iPad and am a beginner in learning how to use it. How do I get this game onto it?
    thanks, as always, for everything you do!


  • Kristin

    Thank you, Susan! 🙂

  • Cheryl Rytting

    Thanks Susan! I guess it took awhile to upload, but I was able to get the new one! This will work great! Thank you!

  • Cheryl Rytting

    I still am not finding it. I have closed and opened the website. Should I be doing something else? As far as mistakes…I wish I could quit making them 🙂

  • Cheryl Rytting

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for all you share! I use much of your materials and appreciate you so much! I love the new “Let’s Learn Scales” keyboards. They are so bright and colorful. I made copies and laminated some. I was showing them today in a theory class I teach and realized that we cannot spell many of the scales (C, C#/Db, D, Eb, E) without another “two black key group of keys”. I just thought I would let you know…

    • Susan Paradis

      Did I post the wrong thing again! I posted the correct keyboard for all scales. Now, you will have to refresh your screen or open and close the program to see the new scale. There should be 2 PDF’s now. I left the original because the keyboard is really big and you can use it for learning the names of keys. I don’t know why I am making so many mistakes lately, but I have so many files on my computer that it is easy for me to mix them up.

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