In my last post, I showed you one way to use worksheets on your tablet device, such as an iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, or Windows tablet. Today I am giving you some pages to practice drawing notes on your tablet in a piano lesson. I will be posting more pages in this series, so check back.


Let’s Draw a Treble Clef


Lets Draw a Bass Clef


Lets Draw a Whole Note


Lets Draw a Half Note


 Lets Draw a Quarter Note

When I teach students how to draw notes, I like to start with the whole note and then show how to add lines to make it a half note. Fill in a half note and it becomes a quarter note. This way students see that every note has a note head the same size as a whole note. If I don’t do that, I usually have little teeny quarter and eighth notes and giant, bloated whole notes! I’ve also seen students waste time in ear training by, for example, erasing half notes, when all they need to do is fill in the half note to make it a quarter note.

One reason I like to make worksheets for a mobile device is because I can use lots of color and not worry about the cost of printing. That being said, teachers can print one of each, put into sheet protectors, and used with a dry erase pen. I do not recommend printing these for a student binder unless  you have a special student.

[For my UK & Down Under readers, I know you would like these with the correct rhythm terms, so I’ll be working on that as time permits. When I finish, I’ll add it to the UK page. For now, maybe you can just write over the North American terms.]

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5 thoughts to “Made for the iPad: Drawing Rhythm Notes

  • Priscilla Moffett

    A Labor of Love
    We love you too! You are a treasure fo all of us!

  • Linda Johnson

    So there are currently just worksheets for the whole, half and quarter note?

    • Susan Paradis

      [Edited: I have added more notes and I am working on rests and a lot of other things. To see them all, go to the menu above, select Free, then New Resources, then iPad.] Yes, Linda. I have more made but I didn’t have time to convert them to PDF’s and post them. So check back by the end of the week. I’ll post more as soon as I get a chance. It takes me time to write blog posts and make PDF’s. I think I’m kind of slow!

      • Theresa

        Actually, I think you’re amazing! What a wonderful wealth of resources you so generously share!! Thank you!

        • Susan Paradis

          Thank you very much, Teresa. It’s a labor of love!


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