Beginning music students circle the names of rhythm note values

Miss Frog’s First Rhythms

I know a lot of kids just love the froggie worksheets, so here is a new one to add to the series. If you started a younger student recently, this will be a perfect review.

All of the worksheets and games in the Frog series are for beginners. If you plan to have a summer camp for the younger age group, check them out.

The one I am posting today has nice, big notes, so it will work great on an iPad. Or print one copy and put it in a sheet protector.  This might be low tech, but there is nothing wrong with that and sometimes in a lesson it is a lot easier!

I think wet erase markers do a better job of erasing with less water than they used to. Has anyone noticed that, or am I just better at it? I have been gradually switching over from dry erase to wet erase markers. Be sure you search for fine print markers, not the thick ones.

For all my hemidemisemiquaver readers, who are much more intelligent than me, since I can never remember the UK terms, I will be making a UK version of today’s worksheet, and I will post it on my UK page under “free.”

If you want some more Fun With Froggies rhythm sheets, click this link.   [The UK Froggie Rhythm sheets are also posted on the same page. You just need to scroll down to see it.]

Fun With Frogs Beginning Rhythm

Fun with Frogs Beginning Rhythm UK Vocabulary

Finally, I want to thank everyone who picked up copies of A Dangerous Situation. It has been a really big hit with so many of my readers. We had a 4 day internet outage in our area, but teachers kept ordering. Thanks so much for supporting this site! I have some more student-pleasing music in the works, so check back.

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