More Candy Heart Scales is a cute Valentine worksheet for students to construct major scales in the keys of C F Bb Eb Ab and Db plus show half steps and the tonic.

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More Candy Heart Scales is a cute Valentine music theory worksheet for students to construct major scales in the keys of C, F, B flat, E flat, A flat, and D flat. Last week I posted the Candy Heart Scales worksheet for the keys C, G, D, A, E, so the one I am posting today will give students some experience with the flat keys. Students label the key, add flats before the correct notes, draw curved lines under the half steps, and draw the tonic (first note of the scale) in the last measure. If you need more instructions, click back to last week’s Candy Heart Scales post to read more extensive directions.

♥ Introductory Pricing for Why Are You Sleeping Until Feb. 1, 2019 ♥

Why Are You Sleeping is a piano trio for one piano 6 hands that requires some acting by the players!

I want to remind every one of my new elementary trio which teachers are so excited about. This kid-friendly trio is a take off on the familiar traditional round Are You Sleeping. It stays mostly in five-finger positions and is technically very easy to learn. The fun part is the silent acting the students perform and simple props used during the first part of the trio when they try to get the “sleepy” middle player to wake up and play the correct notes. If you have some students who can act up in front of an audience, this is going to be a favorite of both students and audiences. If you have never done a trio before with elementary age students, this is the first one you want to try, because they already know the song and the notes are so easy they can concentrate on learning to play together. Great for music camps and recitals. Included are the director’s score, individual parts, slow and fast mp3 files for practice, (you can text them to students) and complete acting directions. All this and a studio license, so print all you want. Don’t forget to send me a video once you learn it, and feel free to add more acting than is in the score. Click here to get it while it is on sale!

Click below for the free Valentine worksheet!

More Candy Heart Scales


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