More Ornament Notes

Today I am posting another Christmas interval worksheet. I made it to help students recognize seconds, thirds, and fifths.  This worksheet words very well on an iPad also, because all the student has to do is add a check to the correct answer. I think I have time to make another one before group lessons next week that will include all the intervals, so check back.

Also, I want to thank my readers for your wonderful support of my trio arrangement of Carol of the Bells. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! I wrote it because there is a need for simple trios that can be learned with very little practice for a program or group lesson. If your students are playing this I would love it if you would go to my store, select it, and add a review!

If you are looking for all my free music you can find a link to it all  here. Christmas Music

If you’re looking for all the Christmas activities use this link. You will find games, worksheets, and printables.  Christmas Material

FYI, this is my original website. At the top you can select worksheets, games, teacher aids, or music. At the bottom, there are tiny numbers to go to the rest of the pages. I’ve been trying to get my web master to fix that! Be prepared for a lot of scrolling! 🙂


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6 thoughts to “More Ornament Moves and Christmas Links

  • Karen S

    I would love to download some of your worksheets to use with kids on my iPad. How do I do so? Will it go into iBooks or somewhere else? Excited to have found your site. Thanks!

  • Dorothy

    The worksheet only prints in color when I ask for black and white.

    • Susan Paradis

      Dorothy, check your printer manual on how to change the setting at the printer level. I know on my printer, I have to change it in several places.

  • Lynda

    Hi Susan. FYI There’s an error on the sixth example. Maybe someone already mentioned it.

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks, Lynda. I’ll fix that right away.

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