Counting Up the Mountain

Counting up the Mountain

Back in July I posted a simple game to practice beginning note values. Students liked to play it, but thought it was too short. It also looked pretty sloppy and the clip art mountain climber didn’t go with the style of the game. So I did it over, making it a little neater and minus the boy. Now it is a longer game, but  still can be quickly played at a lesson. When things get intense in a lesson with little ones, move away from the piano and play a game. [Edited: This is the revised game.]


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One thought to “Mountain Counting Again”

  • Ginger

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve been lurking for some time now. I LOVE your site! I found your site from the Piano Adventures site. This Counting up the Mountain is just what I need for a lesson next week. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and the willingness to share!


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