Musical Memory Game Set Three

Musical Memory Game Set Three

Today I am posting the third level of the Musical Memory Game, which is a review of musical symbols and vocabulary words. Today’s level includes the terms tie, brace, natural, slur, legato staccato, and tonic or key note as some teachers call it.  Two players take turns turning cards over trying to match the vocabulary words. If they get a match, they keep the cards. The player with the most cards is the winner.

There are two pages in the PDF file for you to download, and the second page, which is the back of the cards, is optional. One of my students told me yesterday it is his favorite table game. Maybe it’s because he can beat me! Be sure and use the grid I made if you are playing with younger students. MusicalMemory_Grid

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One thought to “Music Memory Level Three”

  • carol dawn

    Thanks for these memory games. Can’t find the German word for brace. Will have something to ask my boss on Monday.
    Will use the 1st level also on Monday.
    The backs fit perfectly. Thanks for all that calculating!


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