Musical Memory Set One

Musical Memory Set One

This summer I finished up the theory memory games I started last spring for all the early levels of piano lessons.  These games are just like my Rhythm Memory Game, except they use vocabulary words and musical signs. Since I think memory games are more fun with  colorful backs,  I made the graphic for the back of the cards that you see above. Also, each level has a different color graphic on the back with a different number of notes showing so I can keep the levels sorted correctly. The levels contain the vocabulary and symbols on the Texas State Theory Test. Use this Grid to help students keep the cards in the correct place.

If this game looks familiar, it is the same game I posted in April, but I have changed the back image.  This time I promise to add the other 4 levels in my next posts. Last spring I was busy with recital plans and dropped the ball on the other levels.

Even if your students don’t take a special theory test, every piano student needs to learn these terms.  What better way to learn them than by playing a memory game? The student turns over two cards, trying to match the symbol with the definition. It is fun to play it with a partner, and the one who collects the most pairs wins. If there is only one student, I am the other player. The student can also play alone if you have the time.  I’ve noticed students who are good at sight reading are also good at this game, so a good memory helps with that skill.


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