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I made a new assignment page (assignment sheet) and I’m going to share with you why I revised my old one, which had also been revised.  I have an assignment sheet for my younger students with ladybugs and lots of color, and they love it. But when they progress and it’s time for one with more detail, all I had was a very serviceable, but boring looking black and white page. So I decided to upgrade the old one, but keep everything I like. I still use my early childhood assignment sheet for my little ones, but now when they are “promoted” it doesn’t look so intimidating to them.

I included all the bells and whistles that made my original assignment page so unusual when I first posted it. Here are all the features:

  • Print in color or grayscale (black and white)
  • Upcoming events line
  • Deadline to memorize a special piece
  • Separate major and minor circle of fifths
  • Keyboard to write scale names and fingering
  • Line for labeling the scale
  • Line for a note to parents
  • Do not forget line
  • Line to write scales, chords, or arpeggios
  • Theory, technique, and lesson book assignment lines
  • Blank staff with treble and bass clef written in
  • Two weeks worth of practice time check off boxes
  • Line for a message to the teacher

I didn’t say anything when I tried this out with my students. But the reaction was everything I hoped because they really liked it! Several mentioned that it was a lot easier to understood the major and minor circle of 5ths. They like the fact that it is in color, even though there is not much.  I tried to design a graphic that looks like it uses more color ink than it really does.

I made this as a 2 page printable, but both pages are the same.  This is because I have a duplex (prints on both sides) printer.  I select “2-sided printing” in my printer dialog box, and the number of copies I need. The printer automatically prints on both sides. That is a very nice feature if you are in the market for a new printer. I punch holes on both sides of the paper and every other week I give them a new page. Not only does it save paper, but it saves space in their binder!  If you only want to print  on one side, use these settings, and under “Copies” select the number you want to print. The arrow pointing to “1” indicates that you are printing page 1 of my printable. Then you can reinsert your pages to print on the back, if you wish, following the same instructions. (Your dialog box might look  different than mine, but I hope this will give you the idea.)

PDF printing illustration

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5 thoughts to “New Assignment Page With Color!

  • Candi

    Thank you so much for posting this resource! I was trying to update my assignment folder and stumbled upon this and thought it was just perfect to use with my students.

  • Marilyn Brennan

    Just beautiful, Susan. Covers it all. Will definitely be using this this year!

  • Priscilla Moffett

    Susan, I forgot to check the notify me boxes after my last reply about your Halloween publication…is there anyway I can get the notifications?….

  • Laura Benton

    Hi, Susan,
    I love your new design! I’m excited and ready to use this!
    I’m having trouble printing it, though. The bottom of my printed page is the line for the message to teacher and the little check-off squares. The labels below and the bottom border are missing. I have an HP 6200—not new, but normally prints just fine. Do I need to adjust the margins?


    • Susan Paradis

      Laura, when you print, are you checking the box that says “fit to print” or something like that, or “actual size.” If you can give me that information I can help you more. The top and bottom margins are bigger than normal because most of the modern printers have about 1/4 margins. The HP printers are really notorious about needing bigger borders than most printers and that is why I got rid of mine. today. If you haven’t tried it, set your printer dialog box, (when it opens) to something like “print to fit”. Email me if you would like to problem solve that way.


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