Piano teachers usually make their own recital programs and it is really helpful to have a fast and easy editable template. Since Christmas recitals are coming up, this post contains a free template for Microsoft Word that is easy to edit and use in your studio recital. This is a minimalistic design for those of you who like a clean look in your  programs. There is just enough color to make it special, but not enough to overwhelm. This one page program has space for twenty students. Delete the text you don’t need. If you need a second page, omit the typed header at the top. There is space at the bottom for optional text.


  • Download the file to your computer, save it, open it in Microsoft Word, and then edit.
  • The font is Calibri, found in Word. If you don’t have it, you can use Arial. You can change the font, size, and color. However, I do not suggest a fussy font for this design.
  • Edit the header by typing over it. The header is all capitals with a space between each letter.  I used 4 spaces between each word in the header.
  • Place your cursor in the table and select the tab key to move from cell to cell. Type over what I have written.
  • If one of your titles is too long, reduce the font size slightly of only that title or reduce the font size of the entire table.
  • The light gray lines for the table will not show up when printed. If you do not see the table lines, which are really helpful, select “view guidelines” in the table layout menu.
  • If you have less students, delete the text you do not need.
  • There is some text at the bottom for a brief message, or you can delete it.

Click Here To Download the Recital Program

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