New Year's Game

New Year’s Game

This New Year’s game came about because a  teacher  wanted an easier bingo type game for Christmas. I was unable to get it done in time for the past holiday season, so I made one for the New Year.  In a few months I can recycle it for another holiday. 🙂   I made this game  for 2 players, but it can be adjusted as you see fit.  Here are the directions for the game.

For each player,  print one game card and one set of game pieces (stars).  Use card stock and laminate. To save money you can use clear book covers or clear Contact paper. Cut out the circles (stars) from the game piece page.  You don’t need to trim them into the star shape, but it is a nice touch. I have some hand problems, so I’ll just do circles.

Give each student a game card. Put the game pieces in a container. The first player draws a star. If he knows the name of the symbol on the star he put the star over the corresponding star on his game board. If he does not know the name of the symbol, he give it to the or player, or if more, the player on his right.  If no one knows the name of the symbol, the teacher tells the name and puts it back in the container to be redrawn.

If a students draws or is given a symbol he already has on his board, he passes it to the other  player to name. If there are more than 2 players, you may set the rules before you start. You may want to just keep passing it to the right. You will have to be flexible with the rules, depending on the age of the students. You want them to be successful and every student to have an chance to win. Feel free to make up your own rules. If you are playing this with very young students, I’m taking about 4 to  immature 6, be gentle with the rules. I don’t want to be responsible for any crying students. It’s supposed to be fun. With very little ones, you probably want them both to win, or don’t even mention the “win – lose” words. Older beginners are a lot more competitive and understand winning and losing.  The first student to cover all of either the blue stars or the yellow stars wins.

There is only one game board for this game because I made it for beginners.

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3 thoughts to “New Years Game

  • Carol Dawn

    It’s too late for this year, but this would be another idea for a Fasching game. The confetti and party graphics would be the same. Another easy (hopefully) change could be for a May Day game. That would be fun. Am finding that the games are a big hit and seem to accelerate the learning curve. 1000 thanks (a common German expression).

  • Rebecca

    You seriously have the best ideas and games EVER! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • susanparadis

      Wow, thanks a lot. I enjoy your blog, too. No matter how long we teach, every student brings new delights and challenges.


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