Easter Bunny Composing Activity

See the Bunny Composing Activity

Some elementary students are too old to use the pre-reading composition activity I posted a few days ago. My older elementary students, around 2nd to 4th grade,   want to write it on a staff.  Students older than that don’t want bunnies and jelly beans, so we start with staff paper.  Today I am posting a companion to the pre-reading See the Bunny composition activity I posted last week. In a few weeks I hope to post some composing sheets for older students. [Edited: These two pages have been combined into one PDF.]

The composition activity sheet I am posting today is too long  to complete in one lesson unless you have a lesson devoted solely to composition.  There are several ways to speed it up:

  • The teacher can write in the notes for the student.
  • Have the students write only whole notes on the staff and later change them into quarter and half notes.
  • Keep the activity in a folder and work on it over a longer time period.

You probably have some more ideas, so pass them along.

I received some requests from teachers to post this. If you have any students complete this activity, it would make my day to see their compositions. If you don’t have a scanner you can use a camera phone  and send it to my email address.

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