Note Bingo Game

Note Bingo

When students come back to lessons after a break it is not unusual for them to forget note names, especially in the first few years of piano study.  I made a Bingo game to help with this problem. You can play it by trying to cover 3 in a row or if you have more time, Black Out. What I like about this game is that it is quick to play and will not take up a lot of lesson time. I tried to make these cards appropriate for all ages, so you can use these cards with older beginners, too.

Magnetic Wand and Bingo Chips

I’ve had many teachers ask where they can get magnetic wands and chips and I’m happy to announce that you can order them here. The student gets to scoop up all the chips with the magnetic wand and that makes the game more fun.

There are 8 student cards in this set so you can use this game in a group lesson, too. The last page is a set of small cards that you can use as calling or drawing cards. You will need to indicate if the note is treble or bass clef, and high or low on that staff. An example is: Bass low G.

One time I played it so the student would pick a treble or bass card and then an alphabet card.

You can also have students place chips on notes that are high or low, or lines and spaces.

If students haven’t learned note names, call out clefs and let them cover any note with that clef.

I try to make all my material so that the teacher can use it in various ways to suit each student or group. Actually the possibilities are endless depending on the level of your students, and that is the way piano games should be.

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4 thoughts to “Note Bingo

  • Audrey

    Hi Susan-
    I’m so looking forward to reading through more of your posts. I just started a music teaching/tips blog last month and was struggling finding similar blogs out there. So I was thrilled to find a link to yours. Love the bingo game, and I can already picture a few of my students that would especially benefit from it.
    I’d love for you to check out my blog when you have a chance.

  • amberspianostudio

    I’m a young piano teacher, just starting out and gathering my teaching resources. I was so excited when I found your site. I have used so many of your games and teaching aids and my students just love them! I’m going to be using this one also; just another idea at my fingertips when my young students inevitably ask, “Can we play a game now?” 🙂
    Many thanks from Amber (in Australia)

  • Laura

    THANK YOU for all of these great games and materials! I’ll definitely be using this!

    • susanparadis

      Not as great as your giant cloth keyboard which I hope to get made this weekend! I hope mine looks as good as yours.


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