Note Reading Review Level 1

Have you ever had students who took the summer off and when they came back they couldn’t remember anything? How does that happen? It’s like some alien came in and sucked out all they learned the entire year! Classroom teachers spend a lot of the first part of school reviewing, and they see the students every day! So we have to plan on some review and not get discouraged about it.

Games and other engaging activities are great for reviews. But there is nothing like a written page to get right to the point.

With forgetful students in mind, today I am posting the first of a set of free note reading review sheets. They are very much like the ones I made a few years ago for reviewing rhythm. Check back because I will be posting several more levels.

If your student can zip through this, then they have notes on the grand staff firmly in their memory. If they really struggle, and it looks like it’s going to take forever, then I suggest you put it away and just concentrate on the guide notes A C and E or whatever guide notes you use.  I made some worksheets for A C and E guide notes that come free when you subscribe to my newsletter that might help.

This page is what many first level theory exams test, such as my state theory test. These can also be used for transfer students to help you assess what they already know.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive, sequential set of note reading, check out the 16 page Notes in the Fast Lane bundle, $4.99 in the store.

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