Notes On the Bass and TrebleStaff

Notes on the Bass and Treble Staff

[Edited to put the treble and bass worksheets together staves in one file.] My post today is a worksheet with all the notes of the treble staff. I am always amazed at teachers who say students don’t need to know note names because we teach reading by steps and skips or we should only learn music by ear.   That reminds me of math teachers who say students don’t need to know math facts because everyone uses calculators now! We all know the frustration of a transfer student who can only play by rote.

Certainly a good pianist does not read by thinking note names. But when the hands move  to another position, if he doesn’t know the notes, he basically learns where to move by rote, which will help for that piece, but what about the next?

So in addition to learning to play by intervals, students need to learn the names of all the notes in a gradual, sequential manner. It takes some students much longer than others, but all we can do is keep working at it!

Give this sheet to a student and make it a game by timing how long it takes her to do it. To make record keeping easy and simple for you, write the time in his assignment book and see if he gets faster each week.

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