One of my students learned O Come, All Ye Faithful in school and wanted to play it. It wasn’t in his Christmas book, so I wrote one out for him.

This is one of the first Christmas Carols I learned. I was so excited because of the dynamic changes in the refrain. I wasn’t taking piano then, so this was the first time I was aware of gradually getting louder in each phrase. I can’t explain how thrilled I was to learn that music could do that! Sometimes as a teacher I forget that what is old-hat to me is a novel idea to my students.

There are two arrangements to choose from. One is pre-reading and the other is on-the-staff and only uses 8 notes. One thing interesting about this carol is that there are no thirds (skipping notes) in the right hand and only one skip on the left. That makes it a lot easier.  Yes, I used dotted quarter notes in the staff version, but it’s easy to teach by rote. If they know this carol, they are going to play the dotted rhythms anyway so they might as well see what they are playing. Also, when they find this rhythm in other music they won’t be afraid of it.

O Come, All Ye Faithful

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5 thoughts to “O Come, All Ye Faithful in Primer and Pre-reading

  • Ruthann Elliott

    Thanks for posting this. I have an elementary student who lost the Christmas book that she just started working in (How do children “lose” their piano books?!) Anyway, I am so glad you shared this… just at the right time so that I can provide an alternative for her to work on. My question is about measure 15 where the left hand plays middle C. Wouldn’t it have been easier for a beginner to play that C with the right hand? I’m going to pencil it in that way for her, so she doesn’t have to move her left hand.

    Thank you so much for all of the music and game ideas that you have shared! You are a blessing.

    • Susan Paradis

      You don’t know how much I appreciate you telling me! This is obviously a typo. I fixed it this morning, so try to download it again. You might have to refresh your cache or reboot your computer. PDF’s sometimes get “stuck” and it’s hard to refresh a new one.

  • Tina Linford

    My 6 year old student came today and we did “O Come All Ye Faithful.” We worked really hard and she can play it now. She will memorize it this week. Thank you! It was awesome. Do you have any more??? I will send you a nice Christmas donation! 🙂

    Tina Linford

  • Karen McClain

    Hi Susan,
    I tried to make an online CC donation but there was no way I could include my province. There were only state abbreviations. You might want to check out your site for that. I am enjoying the material you post. I will send a donation by mail. Thanks.

    • Susan Paradis


      Thank you so much for your offer to donate to help with the increasing server expenses of maintaining the site. Please click the donate button on the first page which will take you to Pay Pal. Please do not send a check from outside the US because there is no way for me to use it, and I will have to send it back to you. Banks in the US will not accept out of the country checks, but Pay Pal will accept donations from anywhere in the world. I am so happy you are enjoying the material I post!


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