Peppermint Notes

Peppermint Notes

I made this staff  to use real wrapped up peppermint candy as notes. Play with it any way you like, in groups or with one student. One way is to play like Bingo, and draw letters of the music alphabet. The first student to cover all the treble or bass spaces wins.  It’s fun in a group lesson or with teacher and student.

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2 thoughts to “Peppermint Notes

  • Rice

    Hi! I’ve used your candy corn version during Halloween but used M&M’s instead and the kids just love it!! I tried to download the Peppermint Notes but when I click into the link, it say there’s nothing there. Can you help me double check on it. Hopeing to use this one this week.

    Thanks so much for the wonder Christmas games…keeping the students happy =)


    • susanparadis

      Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the link.

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