2017 Binder Cover

Today I am posting a grand staff binder cover for you to personalize and use on your students’ binders. It has the notes of the grand staff on the front and it matches the studio calendar that I recently posted. What I am really excited about is that I think this is the first time I’ve posted a PDF file where you can change the font!

Not only can you type a name and title of the binder, but if you have some computer knowledge, you can change the font, the color, and the size of the text.

If the directions below are too challenging for you, open the file in Adobe Reader DC, select “Your Text” and type over my text. [If you want to remove the text on this page, select Your Text, delete it, and print. The large light blue box you see will not print.]

If you wish to change the font, color, and size, follow the directions below. You must use Adobe Reader DC which is free to  download from the web .  If you are having trouble opening this file in Adobe Reader, this link might help.

Directions for a PC

  • Download and save the PDF file. Open it in Adobe Reader DC. (To change the font, you cannot just click and open the file as usual.)
  • Select Your Text.
  • Click Control E and the text properties box will open.
  • In the font box, you will be able to change the font, the color of the font, and the size of the font.

Directions for a Mac

  • Download and save the file. Open it in Adobe Reader DC. Do not use Preview. (To change the font, you cannot just click and open the file as usual.)
  • Select Your Text.
  • Right click on the selected text.  A menu box will open. Select “Hyperlink.” [There is supposed to be a keyboard shortcut, but I don’t know what it is.]
  • The Form Field Text Properties menu will open. Select Font.
  • You can change the font, the color of the font, and the size of the font.

*If you try a font on you computer that will not print, try another more common one. There are some fonts that you might not be able to use due to licensing and embedding, that sort of thing. If you have a font that works well, please share it with us!






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9 thoughts to “Personalize a Grand Staff Binder Cover

  • Leigh

    I love this idea and just didn’t know where to start to create one! Thank you! Any possibility of making a “cool” one for high school students, especially a 16-year old boy?

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you Leigh. For more binder covers that you can personalize, check out the ones with key signatures, the calendar ones, and this link that has one for boys. https://www.susanparadis.com/binder-cover-bundle/

      • Leigh

        Awesome! Thank you for making one for my high school boy student to have a cool one for his age. I love your work! You have blessed me in my studio in so many ways!

        • Susan Paradis

          You’re welcome!

  • Ann

    Thank you very much for this (and also for the instructions on how to edit it). I am sure my students will love it.

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Ann!

  • Lillian

    Awesome! thank you!

  • Lydia McCool

    Thank you so much! This is wonderful. I have brothers from the same family. Now there are more color to choose from. Love them!

  • Cherie

    Thank you Susan! I love it!

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