Editable Binder CoverEditable Binder Cover

Today I am posting a binder cover that you can personalize by typing directly on the PDF before you print it. It’s kind of clunky, but I’m sharing it anyway because it can be a real time saver. The editing part is kind of a hidden feature that you don’t have to use.


  • Open the PDF in the latest version of Adobe Reader. (This is the same free program you probably use to print all of my material.)
  • There are two text fields. (See the arrows above where I wrote Zachary and Piano Binder. You do not have to use my wording.)
  • I formatted the text fields to be centered so you will be starting in the center of each field.
  • Select “Highlight Existing Fields.” This will show you where to type.
  • You should see a large blinking cursor.
  • Type any text you desire, but it has to fit in the field. Adjust your wording to fit because to my knowledge you cannot adjust the size.
  • If you have trouble seeing the blinking cursor, using the graphic above as a guide, click in the middle of where I typed.
  • If you can’t get it to work use the method I mentioned in my last post.

Adobe Reader does not let you change fonts, size, and color to the best of my knowledge. Adobe designed the program to be used for filling out forms, not for designs! Maybe there is a way I don’t know about!

This makes a nice binder front or back for a new student. It matches the calendar I posted last week.

If you like editable PDF’s, let me know and I can make some more in the future.

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15 thoughts to “Personalize Your Binder Covers: An Editable PDF

  • Jan Fulford

    I LOVE the editable format!!!!!! Such a time saver and I just printed one for each student in my studio. You are my “go to site” for keeping my studio running perfectly. Thank you, Susan!!

  • Alice

    I love your editable forms! However, “the filling of forms is not supported”. Do I need to upgrade? Not sure how this works.

  • Diane Lindsay

    Another winner Susan! Thank you so much for designing and sharing it with us.

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Diane. Thanks for your comment!

  • Kay

    Very cute! I’ve printed one for each of my students.
    I used “My Piano Notes” at the bottom. Thanks, Susan.

    • Susan Paradis

      Kay, I like that! I may “borrow” it for my students!

  • Marion

    I LOVE these editable PDF’s, Susan. I hope to see many more.

  • Barbara

    Such a great cover, Susan. They have a reference for notes right on the front of their binder!! Thanks so much!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks, Barbara. I have actually seen the study the notes while they wait, so I hope it does a little bit of good!

      • Rosemarie

        You’re right, I think the more visuals students have in front of them, the more quickly they learn their notes. Thank-you for all of your printouts: you have some excellent ideas. I would really like to see more editable forms.

        • Susan Paradis

          Rosemarie, I will make some more editable forms. I just have to think of something to make!

  • Lori

    Thank you. This binder cover is cute. You always have such helpful ideas.

    • Susan Paradis

      Glad you like it, Lori.

  • Carol Adeney

    Thanks, Susan – very useful and colourful!

    • Susan Paradis

      Good to hear from you Carol. Hope everything is ok over there!

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