Recital Certificate

Recital Certificate

If the colorful  certificate from my last post was too much, you might be interested in this  certificate I made for my older students. This one is made to be printed on parchment paper that you can buy at office stores and even some craft stores.  Students work really hard for their recital and enjoy coming up to the front to get their certificate! This one has a dark blue border, but you can also print it in black and white by selecting “grayscale” in your printer settings.


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7 thoughts to “Piano Recital Certificate – Traditional

  • Ruth Ann

    Great certificate, thanks so much for making it available!

  • Kirsti

    I just came across your site and just love all your graphics and cute worksheets. I’m planning to use the recital certificates at our upcoming recital at the end of April and have printed out a few of the worksheets. Thank you so much!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks, Kirsti! If you are interested, you can sign up with Word Press to receive email notification when I post new material.

  • Lisa Schwandt

    I loved the recital certificate! Thank you for your inspiration and sharing attitude! Musically yours, Lisa

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for the nice comment, Lisa!

  • Lisa B.

    Susan, I love the border! Thanks for doing this. I plan on going to the dollar store for inexpensive frames, so all my students have to do is hang it on their wall. Thanks again.

    Lisa B.

    • susanparadis

      Lisa B,

      I’m glad to know you like my border! Thanks for letting me know.

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