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Practice Chart 2016

Practice Chart

Today’s post is an editable practice chart that matches my new 2016 design.  Be sure and reinforce the holes if you put it in a binder.

This PDF file is editable so you can choose the title. There is not a lot of room, so adjust your text to fit.  You can add your student’s name or type something like Practice Chart or Practice Log. You can also leave it blank. If you are new to editable PDF files, here are some instructions.


  • Open the PDF in the latest version of Adobe Reader. (This is the same free program you use to print all of my material.)
  • With your mouse, click about an inch down in the middle. (Use the image above to help find where the editable field is.)
  • A light blue text field box with a blinking cursor in the middle will show up where you should type. The blue box will not show up when printed!
  • Type your text in the box, adjusting your wording to fit.
  • I formatted the blue text fields to be centered so you will be starting in the center of the box.
  • Save the blank file so you can use it again with different text.

Can’t open the PDF files? Check out my frequently asked questions from the menu bar above.  Teachers have reported problems with the Windows 10 Edge browser and successfully use Chrome or Explorer instead.

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19 thoughts to “Practice Chart 2016

  • Nancy Worley

    Susan, this practice sheet is great! It will really encourage my students to keep track of their practice – and to practice. 🙂
    I have ruined two sheets by skipping a date or two. Is there a way we could edit the date lines too? That would be a great help to me!!

  • Sara Butler

    I love this! Thank you, Susan, for all you do! It makes my job so much easier and more enjoyable. I wanted to ask you, do you keep the practice log at the front of their binder and then also use a separate assignment sheet weekly? Thank you!

    • Susan Paradis

      Great! As far as the practice log, I don’t use it. I made this because of popular demand!

      • Karen

        May I ask why you don’t use this practice log?

        • Susan Paradis

          Karen, I don’t really need it. There is a practice long on their assignment sheet and for little ones I use the robot and pony sheets I made some years back.

      • Karen Brockman

        May I ask why you don’t use this practice log? I’m just curious.

  • Donna M

    Thank you, Susan! It looks awesome! You’re the best!!

  • Robbin

    This is so cute, Susan. I’ve already printed out the page for my two students who are the right age for this. They will enjoy the art work so much!

  • LadyD

    So colorful and useful, too. Students will love to record their time for themselves, to show parents and piano teacher. Thanks for the beautiful practice sheet!

  • Sandra

    Muito obrigada!!!
    Amo seu trabalho!
    Grande beijo do Brasil!

  • Ellen

    Thank you, Susan! I spent the past week reorganizing my games and materials. Many many of them came from you – including many of my favorites. Thanks so much for all you do!!

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you can use them!

  • Lavinia Livingston

    Susan, this Practice Log is fantastic. I just printed them out for my students and they are all ready to go on Monday. Just what I needed! Your art work is so alive and colorful and the format is so easy to use. Thank you, Thank you.

    • Susan Paradis

      Lavinia, thank you so much for that! I am not an artist but I have always liked color. I can’t draw anything but cartoons! It took a long time to get up the courage to share my artwork!

  • Robin Steinweg

    Oh my. I read–below the photo of the chart–“Today’s post is an EDIBLE practice chart…”
    I was amazed, and the thought flitting through my mind was “how can it work???” when I realized I’d read it wrong. Time for new glasses? Or a new brain? LOLOL!

    Thank you, Susan, my students will appreciate the chart. And not being forced to eat it! 🙂

    • Susan Paradis

      I know, Robin! I get hungry just typing it. Half the time I spell it wrong, too. I would like to call it something else, but what? 😉

    • Amy Chaplin

      I did the same thing, Robin! LOL.

  • Diana Perkins

    You are awesome! Enjoy everything you post and it makes my life so much eaiser. Thank you for all you do

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks, Diane. It makes me happy to share!

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