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This book starts with two notes!

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Students love Sunny Solos!  Sunny Solos is a collection of 21 progressive, short, simple primer level piano pieces for young piano students with optional teacher duets. The pieces are written on large staves with big notes, and are easy and fun for young students. Starting with just two guide notes, new notes are gradually added. This book  coordinates with the first half of a primer method book. About half of the pieces are in middle C position, and the other pieces are in several different hand positions that are easy to play. This is to encourage children not to associate a finger with a certain piano key. Most of the pieces have fun lyrics that young children love to sing. Each page is illustrated with original, child friendly art, drawn exclusively for this book.  It is great for supplementary material, review, or just for fun!

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can make unlimited copies for years of playing.

This listing consists of a 24-page  PRINTABLE  music book  measuring 8.5 x 11 inches.The book  includes an optional certificate, a table of contents, and a cover page.Your file will be emailed to you as a high resolution PDF. Once you have downloaded your file, you may print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice. Please note that this listing does not include a physical item.

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6 reviews for Sunny Solos

  1. Lauren Compton

    Well worth the money! Well-arranged songs for your students to enjoy! And great supplementary material if you are using the Piano Adventures method (although students using different methods benefit too!). Love Susan’s music!

  2. Deborah

    I absolutely love this book. I have a student who was quickly losing interest in piano. On a whim, I purchased Sunny Solos to use with him. This worked with him for two reasons: 1) The initial songs only have two notes which aren’t close together (eg. C + G). This helped him better discern between notes. 2) It turns out he loves duets. I mean, really LOVES duets! Once he’s learned a song, his “reward” is that I play the teacher part with him. He’s an absolutely joy to teach now. We have so much fun! We love this book, as well as Susan’s “Songs I Already Know”.

  3. Mary Tunnell

    Sunny Solos is a great first repertoire book for beginning students. My students love playing the music, especially “Wild Horses.” Many of my young beginning students use music from this collection for recitals or festivals every year.

  4. Kate Wyatt

    I love Sunny Solos! It’s a fantastic supplemen filled with short pieces that sound great and are easily accessible to students. The pacing and progression are so well thought out that I have actually used this as a first book (method) for a few students (paired with other rote pieces and theory worksheets).
    Sunny Solos also works as an excellent collection of “short study” pieces for students at the late-primer level who need more reading reinforcement. The pieces are just the right length and extra fun with the duets, making this a very versatile collection!

    • Susan Paradis

      Kate, thanks! I’m so glad you have found the book to be helpful and I appreciate your comments!

  5. D’Anne Ibarra

    Susan, I have enjoyed using this collection of early reading pieces with multiple students. And they enjoy it too! My most recent student loves the short, simple 2-note pieces and always asks to add the duet. It is really giving him a feeling of success. He has learning difficulties as well as visual problems, so this book has been a great way to reinforce limited notes in a positive, novel way. The illustrations and lyrics are appropriate and attractive too. Thanks!

  6. Wendy Prevezer

    We love Sunny Solos, as first repertoire for very early note readers, and fun sight reading practice for those with a bit more experience. Some of the pieces are also ideal for pre-readers to learn by ear or rote. Imagine their delight when they are later able to decipher the notation and recognise the tune! The pieces are short and appealing with simple illustrations, and the teacher duet parts bring them to life and enrich them without too much distraction. I’ve had several pupils buy the whole book: now that it comes with a studio licence I’ll be using some favourite tunes with even more children. One child loved ‘Wild Horses’ so much that we had to play it to finish off almost every lesson, after deciding on various tempos and dynamics for variety! Another child remembers and loves ‘I can see the stars’ more than three years after learning it. Many of my pupils have taken to ‘Happy times are here’ with gusto, and some have made up their own verses for sad times and other emotions. I have given it only 4 stars not 5, simply because a few of the topics and words are not relevant to children in the UK. But most are!

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