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The First Music Award is an editable certificate to give to students at their first lesson or other first time event such as first recital or first festival.

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Have you ever thought about giving an award for your student’s first piano lesson? Or maybe their first recital or first festival?

I’ve made an editable certificate for that will make their first piano lesson or special event memorable. The text on the certificate is big enough to read as your student proudly holds the certificate while you take a quick photo. This is a great opportunity for you to take a photo to text to parents and to keep in your files for the future. Wouldn’t it be fun to show your student this photo when they get into middle school?

I’ve seen many printables for parents to capture their child’s first day of school, but there are not too many for their first day at music lessons. This might create a new tradition for your studio, and I guarantee you will be glad you did it. We are one of the few teachers who actually get to see our students grow up right before our eyes!

The text, font, size, and color can all be changed!

This certificate is made to be edited using the free program Adobe Reader. Instructions are included in your order as well as the link to download the free font I used. There are 3 specific areas for you to edit: their name, the name of the event you are celebrating, such as first piano lesson or first festival, and the year in big letters so it can be seen in a photo. You can quickly personalize the textfont, color of the font, and size of the font. You may also delete all the editable text and hand write on the award.

Full color and black and white versions!

Yes, I know we have a lot of students and ink can get expensive, so I made a black and white version which is also editable. Included in your purchase is a page of illustrated, easy to follow instructions on how to edit this in Adobe Reader and where to find the free font. Please use Adobe Reader to save this before you edit it. It will not work on your tablet, phone, or Google docs.

You can use this certificate year after year because the date is fully editable!

This listing consists of two PRINTABLE award certificates made for 8.5″ x 11″ paper, plus a one page instruction sheet. After your order your files will be in your account. The files will also be emailed to you. Once you have downloaded your file you may edit it and print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice. Please note that no physical product will be shipped. If you have trouble with the download, contact me.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS A DIGITAL TEMPLATE YOU EDIT AND PRINT YOURSELF. To edit the flyer, you must open it in Adobe Reader. There is a link in the instructions on how to download (free) Adobe Reader if you don’t already have it.



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