Jingle Bells for Three

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Great for families!


Jingle Bells for Three

Great for group lessons or holiday parties!

This is an easy piano trio for six hands at one piano that is fun for students of all ages. Busy older students can sight read this versatile piece at a group lesson, and the younger students can practice it for several weeks before their group plays, and experience the joy of their first piano trio. One family used it at their annual Christmas get-together. Even players who haven’t touched the piano in years will be able to play it. There are no 8th notes, but let the older students add them.  The parts are in 5 finger patterns and there is very little moving around. I’ve used this with groups ranging from first grade to adult. One student told me it was easy, but fun. I hope you will agree!

There are 3 versions of the score included in this file:

  • Teacher’s (conductor’s) score with all the parts grouped together
  • 3 individual scores for high, medium, and low parts to send home with students
  • Traditional trio score with 3 parts on 2 pages for easy page turning (Low on the left, high on the right, and middle on 2 pages)
  • Cover page if you wish you use it

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can make unlimited copies for years of playing.

That is 17 pages total and you can choose which version you prefer to use.  The measures are numbered, and the score includes expression marks and suggested fingerings. Plus, it comes with a studio license, so a single teacher can make all the copies they want. Send them home, put them on your iPad, keep them in the studio, print what you need, and if they lose them, print some more. I sell music the way I like to buy music, with all the versions I need and unlimited printing.

This listing is an 17-page PRINTABLE score measuring 8.5 x 11 inches.  Please double-check the email address so the file will be sent correctly by the e-commerce company. Your completed file will found it your account. It will also be emailed to you. Once you have downloaded your file, you may print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice. Please note that this listing does not include a physical item. If you do not receive your file soon after your order, check the email address you used, your junk mail, or your spam folder. If it is not there, email me and I will work with you.

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4 reviews for Jingle Bells for Three

  1. DS

    A trio of 3 students played this at the holiday recital. We all loved putting it together & it was one of the highlights of the concert. Highly recommended!!

  2. Jolene

    I used this piece for my students’ Christmas program. 2 siblings and their mother each played a piece. I love duets and trios and this piece was a hit during the performance!

  3. Deb Meier

    I used the Jingle Bells Trio with three 5th grade boys. They played it in our Clavinova Festival and our school piano recital. It was a big hit. I was able to record all 3 parts so that each boy could practice with the recording. That made it easy and it worked out great! I plan on using it with another group of students next year. Thanks!

  4. Laurel

    I remember once watching a video of a performance of a piece for one piano, six hands, and thought something like this would be great for some of the families that I teach. I was pleased to learn of this arrangement. The second grader was very excited about it and was able to get her 6th grade brother and mom to join in. The 6th grader just started playing tuba and once he realized that the bass line was like a tuba part, he also became enthusiastic. Mom felt a little self-conscious about playing the middle part, but all three of them worked together and they sound great! I look forward to having one of my other families learn Jingle Bells for Three next Christmas!

    • Susan Paradis

      Your comment really means a lot to me because that’s exactly how I would like it to be used. I would love for more families to be able to share music together!

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