Midnight Snack

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Your beginners will enjoying playing this fun, mysterious sounding piece in D minor 5-finger position!

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Midnight Snack is an easy, mysterious sounding piece at the early elementary level. It is written on the white keys in mostly D minor 5-finger position. It describes someone sneaking into the kitchen at midnight to eat a snack! The music has  slurs and staccato notes, and the left hand has two easy crossovers. There are a few measure in E minor position, but feel free to change the fingering. Beginning students will enjoy playing this sneaky, fun piece.

 Click below to hear the music.

Midnight Snack is an 3-page PRINTABLE PDF file measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. The file includes the 2-page score and a color cover which is optional to print. If you do not want to print the cover, set your printer to print pages 2 -3 only. Please double-check the email you use as well as your PayPal account email so your file will be sent to the  correct email. Your completed file will be found in your account. It will also be emailed to you as a high-resolution PDF.  Once you have downloaded your file, you may print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice. Please note that this listing does not include a physical item. If you do not receive an email with your file as soon as you place your order, check the email address on your PayPal account and the email address you use on this site. If you still can’t find it, get in touch with me. Thank you.

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1 review for Midnight Snack

  1. Mary Tunnell

    This is an attractive recital or festival piece for beginning students. At least one of my students chooses this piece for my Halloween recitals every year. 🙂

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