My Little Elf


New Christmas children’s song in two versions!

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❤️🎄Students love Christmas Music!

But sometimes it can be very hard to find a special piano solo for students who are challenged by some of our familiar Christmas carols. My Little Elf is a brand new Christmas song that I wrote especially for teachers with beginner students.

If you have several beginners in your studio, you know there are only so many times you can put Jingle Bells and Up on the Housetop on your recital. This cute piece about an elf that keeps moving around uses only a few notes divided between the hands. It is even fun to sing. And I added every version I thought a teacher might need now or in the future for their beginners.

There is an on-the-staff version completely in Middle C position for students who can read five notes around middle C. A bouncy teacher accompaniment is included. But while I was at it, I also arranged the score two ways: the duet written under the student staff, and the traditional version with the teacher duet at the bottom. There are separate files so you can print only your favorite type of score.

Bonus Pre-reading Version on the Black Keys!

There is a pre-reading version with the exact same notes, but fingered to be played entirely on the black keys! I made this for students who have only had a few lessons. It includes the same teacher accompaniment but transposed for the black key version.

There is also an optional cover that can be used for either version. So I have you covered for both readers and non-readers!

Listen to My Little Elf.

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can make unlimited copies of each level. 

Included are:
✔︎ The on-the-staff Middle C score with teachers duet at the bottom (2 pages)
✔︎ On-the-staff Middle C score with the duet staff directly under the student staves (2 pages)
✔︎ Pre-reading score (2 pages)
✔︎ Teacher accompaniment for pre-reading score
✔︎ Optional Cover 

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Licensing/Terms of Use

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