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Give your students a head start to note reading with these colorful sheets!

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This Pre-reading Bundle includes eight easy to play pages of pre-reading music just in time for your beginning students to play this fall. These pieces have lyrics about back to school, riding the bus, traffic, and more. Three of the pages use two fingers on the black keys. They are great for your early childhood beginners because they give what this age needs the most: repetition. By playing these songs that are similar but with different words, young children can learn the way they learn best. Other pieces have the melody divided between the hands in C or “near C” position. Most of the notes move in steps with a few “skipping” notes to add melodic interest. There is one unusual piece the students plays with the third finger only. It helps the student learn the names of the keys, and also reinforces a good hand position. One of the pieces includes a teacher duet. All of the pages have colorful illustrations that are appropriate for both average age and young beginners.

 ✔︎🎈Eight colorful one-page pre-reading sheets!

Included in the bundle is an Instruction Guide to Playing Pre-reading Music. It has visuals and a very easy to understand explanation of how to play these pages for parents who want to help their children.

If you are a parent or grandparent, these pieces are a great introduction to the piano. You will notice there is no staff to confuse beginners so you can concentrate on learning finger numbers, rhythm, and the important technique of playing with a good hand position and curved fingers. These sheets are a confidence builder for beginners if you take your time.

Below is an audio version of The Wheels on the Bus.

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can print copies for their private students! 

These are the pre-reading sheets that have been teacher favorites for years, freshened up, and one new piece. Included are:

✔︎ The Wheels on the Bus
✔︎ Red Light, Green Light
✔︎ Finger Three Song
✔︎ School Is Starting Back
✔︎ Right Hand, Left Hand
✔︎ The Golden Rule
✔︎ Special Birthday
✔︎Back to School
✔︎ Parents guide to pre-reading music

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1 review for Pre-reading Bundle One

  1. Mary Tunnell

    These cute pieces are perfect for very young students who are learning finger numbers, piano key names and using both hands to play a piano piece.

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