Write Note Names on the Pumpkins

pumpkin-notes  [Click this link to download]

This summer I made some material to use for holidays and this is one of them. I learned a few new techniques in Photoshop and I wanted to try them out, so I drew a new pumpkin and you can see the results. I hope that you can use this all through October and November. Laminate it and students can write the note names on the pumpkins over and over again.

You can also use M&M’s or any candy to put on the notes. We used autumn colors.  This is really a lot more fun at a group lesson with a large bag of M&M’s. At the end, students can gobble them up.

My students also like to use the magnetic notes and wand that I’ve mentioned in the past.

I have some things coming up. I have some more pre-reading cards I’m going to post as well as a new Bingo game. THANK  YOU to everyone who has donated or taken the time to email!

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13 thoughts to “Pumpkin Notes

  • keila

    ola sou do brasil amei seu blog e gostaria de parabeniza-la pelo seu trabalho e talento….abraços

  • Saundra

    Thanks Susan, for yet another fun holiday idea for my group class this week. I appreciate all your talents and efforts.

  • Mary Ann

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing all of your great ideas. I have found many that have been a success in our group piano lessons. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lee

    One more comment…I use clear plastic sheet protectors to “laminate” your worksheets that I use as games. You can still erase dry-erase markers, and they go right in binders for storage. I can also put two sheets back-to-back in the protectors. I put the “Kandy Keys” and the “Hide the Pumpkin” sheets in the same protectors. Since the Hide the Pumpkin sheets were 1/2 sheets, I used a glue stick to center them on a bright orange sheet. They look great!
    Thanks again!

  • Lee

    Thanks for the holiday-themed activities! My students love them!

    I primarily teach group piano, and I adapt a lot of your games/activities for groups of 4-6. I wanted to tell you about 2 games that I’m playing this week with your “Kandy Keys” and “Hide the Pumpkin” sheets.

    For “Kandy Keys,” I give each student a set of the music alphabet cards (again yours). We use A-A or C-C. I give each student a bag of 8 pieces of candy corn. We turn all of the cards upside down in the middle of the table. On each student’s turn, they chose a card and cover that note on the Kandy Key staff. If they turn over a note that they have already covered, they have to turn it back over and their turn is over. The first player to cover all 8 notes is the winner. Everyone gets to eat their candy corn, of course! For private students, I played the game using more cards and a timer. That was fun, too! They loved working to beat their own time!

    For “Hide the Pumpkin,” I found a bag of 200 pumpkin foam cut-outs at Michaels for $2. I wrote the musical alphabet on these, making enough sets for a class of 4-6. Each student gets a set of pumpkins A-G. Like the above game, we turn the pumpkins upside down in the middle of the table. On their turn, they chose a pumpkin and cover that note on the “Hide the Pumpkin” sheet. If they turn over a note that they have already covered, they have to turn it back over and their turn is over. The first player to cover all 7 notes is the winner. Love it!!!

    Thanks for all of your resources!

  • amdow

    Don’t spend much time searching for ideas on the internet anymore – I just come straight to your site. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into making these types of materials fun and seasonal!

  • carol dawn

    Yesterday a third grade boy again mixed up the treble Es and Fs and the bass As and Gs. This morning along comes Pumpkin Notes which start on the first lines so we can focus on those without being distracted by the C/D/B clusters in the middle.
    Many thanks for just the right teaching aids at just the right time!
    A great addition to your collection of seasonal notes on the staff!!!

  • Pam Johnson

    I love this website — thanks so much for all your great ideas. I have just begun taking younger students — 4 and 5 year olds. They love the pieces I give them from your website! And the games. And the group activities, which a friend and I have been collaborating on — a monthly master class — using your ideas and activities. THanks so much!

  • Pam Johnson

    I have just begun taking younger students – 4 and 5 year-olds. I was so thrilled to find this website!! You have made it possible for me to work with these kids and I never thought I would take such young students. They LOVE the pieces that I give them from your website – and the games. Also, a friend and I have collaborated on a “master class” once a month and you have some wonderful activities for group lessons. Thanks so much for you ideas and insights.

  • Kathy

    Thanks so much for sharing! These are perfect for my studio Halloween Piano Party!
    I have some very small foam pumpkin cutouts that I will write letter names on and have the kids work in teams to complete the worksheet…


    • susanparadis

      That’s a great idea. And it’s a lot better on my diet than M&M’s! Did you make your own foam cutouts, or find them for sale?
      These kinds of activities are much more fun in groups.

  • Joanne


    I love your holiday theme worksheets. Thank you for all your work, effort and sharing.


    • susanparadis

      Thanks Joanne for taking the time to comment! I really like sharing with other teachers, but I especially like feedback!

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