Reindeer Tracks – A Christmas Board Game

Reindeer Tracks

Reindeer Tracks

So many teachers ask me about games for older students. Here is a Christmas game board you can use with any level. You choose the cards you want to use. Students draw a card, answer the question, and roll a die to determine how many spaces to move.

Below are a few suggestions for flash cards that are on my site. Or you can get cards from some of the other great sites on the web, or even writing your own vocabulary cards.

Advancing Students

Ledger Line Flash Cards – There are enough ledger lines in this set to make it sufficiently challenging for advancing students.

Key Signature Cards – You will need key signature cards without the answer on the back, so here are some.

Rhythm Pattern Cards Set of 3 – There are several levels listed here. Set 3 is the hardest. Take a look at all the levels and download the ones you want. This has been a very popular printable!

Elementary Students and Beginning Students

Grand Staff Flash Cards – These just have notes on the grand staff.

Interval Flash Cards – There are 4 pages of intervals from unison to octave.

Individual Rhythm Flash Cards – Actually, there are rhythms of all levels in these cards. They are smaller than the Rhythm Pattern Cards above, so use the ones you like. These might be easier to manage with a game board.

Keyboard Flash Cards – These have hearts on them, but they *are* keyboard flash cards. I need to make some generic keyboard flash cards. All the ones I’ve made have designs on them.

I hope your students of all levels enjoy this game!



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7 Responses to Reindeer Tracks – A Christmas Board Game

  1. Barbara Bownds

    I have never written a comment, but do want to thank you so much for so many wonderful activities!!!! I just happened to need the students to repeat short passages to work on specific things ( like correct notes), and I pulled out the Thanksgiving short game board like this one. I used two game markers and a die and if they played correctly they got to throw the die and move. If they missed, I got a turn. The students loved it, and the repetitions I got out of it made a big difference in our Christmas pieces.

  2. Liz S

    Thanks so much for ALL your Christmas games. Crazy time of year with my own kids, never mind trying to get creative on the teaching front as well 🙂

    Anyone found any printable vocab cards out there? Just basic grade 1 rudiments. I’ve got a whole lot of typing ahead of me otherwise!

  3. Joanne

    Thank you for the “Reindeer Tracks”. It is perfect for what I need.