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Intermediate Rhythm Race Cards

Easy Rhythm Race Cards

(I reposted these files to include the “sentence” cards that I accidentally left off. You will need to reload the page to see the new files.)

Rhythm Race is a quick game for 2 or more players. I made the game for students who are learning to count more difficult rhythms, such as dotted eighth notes and triplets. Students count the rhythms on their card, and then move to a note on the game board that equals that value. After my intermediate students played Rhythm Race, I noticed they were noticeably improved in their ability to count difficult rhythms.

I designed this game for older students, but when some of my younger ones saw it, they wanted a version, too!

The cards are designed for a business card template, but you can use card stock and cut them out. I found a good deal on photo paper at a discount store, so I laminated that for the game board, and it really pops out the colors.

Print only the front (the rhythm cards) for the level you need. Then reinsert the cards and print the back design, – the cards with checkered flags.  I find it necessary to have the backs of each level a different color so I can quickly get the correct cards ready for a student.

If you are playing with different ages in a group lesson, students can draw from their theory level and still play together.


  • To review rhythms, including dotted eighth notes and sixteenths notes


  • Grades 1-7, using the appropriate level cards

 Number of Players

  • Two or more players. The teacher can play with a student, or students can play in a group lesson


  • Game board and rhythm card printables
  • A  small token for each player


  • Print the game board. Print the cards on one side and then Mui and print on the back of the cards. Separate or cut the cards.
  • Mix the cards up so that the sentence cards are mixed evenly with the rhythm cards.
  • Each player puts their token on “start”. The first player draws a card and counts the rhythm. Moving clockwise, the student moves his/her token to the first note on the board with the same value as their card.
  • Decide how many “laps” are need to win.  One lap takes about 5 minutes. Remove some of the penalty cards to speed up the game.
  • Players take turns drawing cards and moving their token on the board.
  • If all the cards are used, shuffle and keep playing.
  • The first player to pass “start” is the winner.

Why I Like This Game

  • It doesn’t take much lesson time.
  • When I play this game with students, I discover right away what they know and what they need work on. So it is like a worksheet or achievement test, only a lot more fun!
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9 thoughts to “Rhythm Race Music Game for Intermediate and Elementary Levels

  • Lisa Bradshaw

    What a creative lady you are! Thank you for sharing your many talents.

  • Jennifer

    This is wonderful, my students will love this game! What a fun way to test their rhythm-reading skills! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Jill Gubler

    Susan. I just love you! Thank you for your selfless service to piano teacher EVERYWHERE! This is an awesome game and I cannot wait to try it at my next group class.

  • Evelyn Yearty

    I have two intermediate students coming this afternoon. Can’t wait to play this with them! Thank you so much, Susan. Your games are terrific!

  • Dana

    Thank you for another great rhythm game, Susan. I tried the Reindeer Tracks game with all levels using your rhythm cards at Christmas and my students just loved it. I couldn’t believe how much better they got at tapping rhythms in just 5 minutes at the end of their lesson. It was great to get a chuckle out of some of my shy students when “the teacher” got stuck going back 2 spaces. 🙂 I was hoping you would come up with another one, so thank you again for another winning resource. Your games not only make it fun to learn but also even more fun to teach.

  • Lavinia Livingston

    Susan, Thank you so much for a rhythm game for students past the beginning stages. Students do move on toward intermediate level and I am always looking for level appropriate games for them. This is fabulous as I have more boys than girls in my early intermediate levels.

  • Sara @ Sara's Music Studio

    I know this would be a huge hit with a couple of my homeschooled students. They’re nuts about race cars! This will make a perfect “between lessons” games – and a perfect excuse to overlap their lessons by 10 minutes this week. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dianne

    Susan I love all of your materials and how you so graciously share! In this game I am wondering what the “sentence cards” are? Also are there supposed to be “penalty” cards included? I did not see either of these with your downloads listed above. Thank you so much!

    • Susan Paradis

      Oops, I left them off! What was I thinking! I’ll add them right now!


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