This game by Cecilly called Rhythm Time Match Up will help students recognize meter by looking at rhythm patterns.

Here are the directions in Cecilly’s words:


Materials: 2 time signature cards (3/4 and 4/4), 8 rhythm pattern
cards with 4 in 4/4 time and 4 in 3/4 time, 1 min. timer.

Objective: to correctly match up the rhythm patterns with their
corresponding time signature in 1 min. or less.

To Play: On a table or surface on one side of the playing area, place
the time signature cards face up. At the other end of the playing
area, on the floor, randomly place the rhythm pattern cards face
down. The player stands in the middle. At “go”, start the timer and
the player grabs a rhythm card, runs to the table and places it
beside it’s corresponding time signature card. Player then goes to
get another rhythm card, and so on until time is up or all cards have
been placed. After time is up, check to see that all cards have been
placed correctly. If not, help the student make corrections. Then
take all the cards from one time signature pile and have the student
lay out in a 4 meas. pattern to clap and count. Repeat with the
other pile of cards.

Feel free to change up the time signatures to include 2/4, 6/8, etc.
Just make sure you have rhythm pattern cards to match those meters.”

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One thought to “Rhythm Time Match-Up Game”

  • Cecilly

    Looks good, Susan. Thanks for making the cards. Now it will look professional when I pull them out to play.



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