Rhythm Pizza

Rhythm Pizza

I posted Rhythm Pizza on July 29, if you want to go back and read about it.

Today I decided to put my 4 pages of Rhythm Pizza on foam board. Since that has been one of the most downloaded pages, I thought I’d share my attempts.

My young students love to sit and work this puzzle while they wait for their lesson or for their parents to pick them up. But it was not holding up very well. I could have just printed out another copy, but I decided to make it easier to play with.

I glued the pages to foam board and then tried to cut them out. (I left the whole note page letter size so it would be bigger.) I found that circles are very hard to cut out of foam board. About half way through I thought no matter how much I had to pay, it was better to buy teacher materials than to print them out for free. I broke my husband’s Exacto knife, tried other knives, and finished up with a box cutter. I found the straight lines a lot easier, and when I saw the results I thought it was worth it.  You can see in the picture how much more fun it will be for student to play with use it.

By the way, the rhythm pizza really works to explain fractions to children who haven’t learned them in school yet.

UPDATE: Putting this on foam board is one of my best ideas. My students loved it and played with it a lot more. If you like Rhythm Pizza, I highly recommend you try putting it on foam board. It has been suggested to cut the circles with kitchen shears. Let us know if this works for you!

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11 thoughts to “Rhythm Pizza on Foam Board

  • Kathryn Cross

    When I ate at Pizza Hut, I asked them for a “personal pan pizza”-sized box and keep my Rhythm Pizza in it. My students love it!!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks! That’s a great idea.

  • Heather Harris

    This Pizza looks so cute!!! Is it something you offer for download? I dont see a link here?

    Thak you so much for all of your help!!!


  • Roxane

    Try using kitchen shears to cut through foam board. I’ve used mine to cut through wire and corrugated cardboard.

  • susanparadis

    Lisa, I made this to print on an 8.5 X 11 size paper. If mine looks larger in the picture, I guess it is an illusion! -Susan

  • Lisa Hansen

    Dear Susan,
    On your Rhythm Pizza, which I adore, are you just using an 8 X 11 sheet to print this on? It would be fun to get a larger size. I wasn’t sure how you did that.


  • Sharon

    Wow, that pizza looks good enough to eat…although the foam board probably wouldn’t be too tasty! You do such beautiful work..thank you SO much! Can’t wait to use this with my students.

  • Jenny

    I love your pizza teaching-tool!!! I have used it so much during the last few weeks in explaining note values/comparisons. These have really helped them to understand it much better! I had been thinking of cutting them up but haven’t done so yet – the foam board idea is great – they really do look good.

    Thanks so much!

  • Mary Beth

    Dear Susan,
    I am impressed with you willingness to share your wonderful ideas with other teachers. I am a member of Florida State Music Teachers Association and will share your website with everyone I can.
    Thank you,
    Mary Beth

  • susanparadis

    Thanks Angela. Put it on foam board and your students will love it!

  • Angela Ferrara

    Great ideas! I love everything you have done. I will have to figure out how to put the rhythm pizza on foam board also — it will be so fun for my students.

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