Right Hand Left Hand

Right Hand Left Hand

[Included in the pre-reading bundle in the store]

I tend to write things in a series, because as I’ve said before, I make this material for actual students. My new student loves the things I make for him and always looks forward to what I’ve made each week.

This “piece” is very practical. It is his first piece with both hands and it was so rewarding to see the look in his eyes when he realized he was going to use both hands!  I made Right Hand, Left Hand so he would be very successful on the first try, and the color coding did just that. I had prepared him well for stems going up and down. He uses My First Piano Adventures, and so he has done a lot of preparation in both the lesson and the writing book.

If you have a very young student or one with some learning differences, try this color method and I think you will find it to be very successful. I want to mention that the more we can do to help students be successful in piano, the more educated musicians we will have in the future. No, it’s not “dumbing down” teaching piano. It is opening the door to more students. Of course, we could teach the old way where most students drop out of piano, and only the most naturally gifted or extremely dedicated students take, but is that really our goal as teachers?

I am attending the National Piano Teachers Institute at SMU this week. I met one teacher from another state who knew me from my web site. She was a teacher who had suggested one of the ideas I posted. That was so cool!  I hope to post more about the workshop when I have some free time.  Let me just say that if you ever have a chance to see Dennis Alexander in person, please go!

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3 thoughts to “Right Hand, Left Hand • Pre-reading

  • susanparadis

    Thanks Carol and Melissa. It certainly makes me feel better to know that when I make something it’s going to be useful to more than just one student. And your comments encourage me and keep me going! I really appreciate them. -Susan

  • Carol Dawn

    Two students will love this on Monday! Thanks.
    And two new ones come September will benefit from the treasury you’ve been providing.
    Instead of sitting in your files, these gems which you are sharing are reaching a new generation of piano players worldwide. That must make you feel quite chuffed!!

  • Melissa

    Susan, I’m loving your pre-reading pieces. I have a student using My First Piano Adventures who must be just one week ahead of your student. Thank you so much for creating this, and I look forward to more.


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