This is a fun, pre-reading piece for young beginners using both hands.

Right Hand Left Hand

It’s hard for me to believe that Right Hand, Left Hand, today’s Throwback Thursday, has been on my site for almost 10 years. I’m not sure where the time goes, but I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun! This piece has always been a favorite of mine to use with pre-school children.

I have a student who has been with me a long time. Yeas ago he loved this piece. He was so excited about it he memorized it right away and he wanted to play it at his lessons for months. He even played it at his recital.

Sometimes in our hurry to press through different levels of books, we forget that children, especially younger children, learn by doing the same thing over and over.

Where older beginners usually want to  progress quickly so they can get to more challenging material, our early childhood\preschool students are completely different. They are in it for the moment!

All that playing really helped my student and he is still a joy to teach! This was his first piece with both hands and it was so rewarding to see the look in his eyes when he realized he was going to use both hands!  I wrote it so he would be very successful on the first try, and the color coding did just that.

If you have a very young student or one with some learning differences, try this color method and I think you will find it to be very helpful.

The more successful they are, the more educated musicians we will have in the future.

No, it’s not “dumbing down” teaching piano. It is opening the door to more students!

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