Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 1

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 2

[Updated: To make it easier, all the Animal Alphabet Search & Find pages are now in two bundles. Bass B to treble G are in bundle one, and Bass C up to A (below middle C) are in bundle two. There are 12 pages total.]

Here is the latest Search and Find Game that I hope you will find useful this summer or later on if you are not teaching now. Today’s game features the frog from Frogs Wearing Flip Flops.

This is the fourth  in a series of “Search and Find” games. A few days ago I posted Search and Find Middle C,  Search and Find D, and Search and Find E.

This game is for young beginners who are just starting to learn notes on the staff.  To play the game, give the student some bingo tokens, such as the ones that go with a magnetic bingo chips wand, and ask them to cover all the F’s as quickly as they can. It’s a simple game that doesn’t take much time, but it has really helped my student.

Do you find it helpful for me to post objectives to activities? I always write objectives for each activity I make because in the very limited time we have in piano, every minute counts! Plus, I think it helps if we share the objectives with parents.


  • Search and Find F (free printable in the link above)
  • Magnetic bingo chips to use with a magnetic wand, or other game tokens you have on hand


  • Print the game board
  • Place bingo chips next to the game board
  • Instruct the student to find and cover all the F’s

Directions for other ways to use the game

  • Play using a timer and make it a game to see how fast the student can cover the  F’s.
  • Laminate the game board or place into a sheet protector and let the students circle the F’s with a dry erase marker.
  • Print a copy for the student’s binder and ask the student to circle all the F’s with their favorite color crayon.
  • Hand the student note flash cards (such as the Fly Flash Cards) one at time. If the card is a F, they cover it with a bingo chip. After they see the card, they give it back so you will have enough F’s to cover them all.


  • To learn how to visually identify middle F on the staff
  • To improve fine motor skills in the fingers by picking up the small game tokens


  • Preschool and early elementary ages
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4 thoughts to “Search and Find F

  • Priscilla Moffett

    I am relatively new to these search and find games – They are proving
    to be very ! useful and my students love ’em….One question – as I am about to order the chips and wand– is there a purpose for the wand?
    They are to be using their fingers to grasp as fine motor exercise, right?
    As time allows I am researching your innovative games and songs
    (Really love “Frogs In Flip Flops”)
    Thanks so much
    Priscilla in Austin

    • susanparadis

      That is a very good question. The wand is a magnet, and the chips are magnetic. They are used entirely for fun. I found that my students enjoy any bingo-type game if I use the magnetic wand. The only reason I put a link to Amazon was because so many teachers were emailing me and asking where to get them. (Disclosure: I receive about 15 cents from Amazon if you click the link on my blog and buy them there, but that is not why I listed them.) I had a hard time finding them in a local store, so I ordered mine, too. Students have to pick up the chips and place them on the game board. They “swoop up” the chips at the end of the game with the wand. So there is actually no great educational value to the wand. It might be a good tool to teach the slur gesture, now that I think about it!

  • Diane Wicker

    I love these Search-and-Finds, and I can’t wait to start using them in the studio. I really really REALLY hope you will do the same with bass clef notes! Seems most kids have a really hard time with those…

    • Lynnette

      Ditto Diane – a Search-and-Find for the bass clef would be great! I know you are super busy, but I’m doing a beginning piano camp this week and next week, and a Search-and-Find for Bass F would be so useful. Thanks for your generosity in offering so many fun games for students!


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