Shamrock Rhythms

Shamrock rhythms

This is a remake of a very old game because I wanted to add a page of 6/8 rhythms and also update the art. This is a very fast activity with very simple instructions and good for older students.

There are 3 pages in this PDF. The cards have one beat missing in a measure and students have to identify the missing note.

Have you ever had an adult tell you they took music for years and never learned how to figure out rhythms? This happens not only to students who take performing classes such as band and choir, but also students in private lessons. Many times we think our students can count when actually they are just really good at learning rhythm by ear. This game will identify students who need some extra help.


  • To review 4/4 meter
  • To review 6/8 meter
  • To reinforce counting rhythm


  • Shamrock Rhythms game board, printed on card stock
  • Rhythm cards printed on perforated business card paper or card stock


  • Place the cards upside down near the game board.  The student will draw a card and place it on the note or notes that are missing in the measure.
  • If a quarter note is missing from a measure in 4/4 time, students may put it on either 2 eights or the quarter note.


  • Use your phone clock and time the student.
  • Print more game boards and cards and use at a group lesson.
  • Use as a file folder activity.
  • Hand draw extra cards.
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14 thoughts to “Shamrock Rhythms – a Fast Rhythm Game

  • Juli Holgerson

    Thanks yet again! This has been a fun way to help my students jump into rhythm work. It has also been a good way for me to see where any gaps might be in understanding these two time signatures.

  • Deb Meier

    Hi Susan,
    I used the 6/8 rhythm cards today and my one student noticed an 8th rest on one of the cards. I think it should’ve been blank (no rest) so that the answer he was looking for ended up being an 8th note.

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re right. I should have left off the 8th rest. My bad. Maybe you can ask the students to find Susan’s mistake. But I’ll make new cards as soon as possible.
      [Ed: I fixed the 6/8 card mistake, but you may need to refresh your screen and/or delete the old one. Or to save paper, you could white-out 8th rest. It is the first card on the left.]

      • Priscilla Moffett

        what does the game board look like? I see the title page decorated with 4 typical rhythm cards and then two pages of rhythms

        • Priscilla Moffett

          Oh now that cover page is gone and there is one with different notes in a circle inside a shamrock

          • Susan Paradis

            The one with the circle is a very old version. It’s not posted anymore.

        • Susan Paradis

          The first page is the game board.

  • Jennifer Groover

    I just printed out your Shamrock Rhythms game, but I am not seeing a gameboard? Did I miss something? I just have the title page and 2 sheets of rhythm cards. Help would be appreciated. Love your website and resources!

    • Susan Paradis

      Jennifer, there is no title page, just a game board and rhythm cards.

      • Priscilla Moffett

        Is there a backing to the cards?

        • Susan Paradis

          No, not for these.

  • Deborah Meier

    It’s great to have some cards for older students. Thank you!

  • Dorothy

    Thank you! This is perfect, especially the 6/8 time ones. I love your work~you are a blessing to a computer-challenged teacher!!

  • Patti

    Just printed, laminated, and cut the Shamrock Rhythms. I’m so excited to
    share these with my students. Top of the Mornin’ to Ya, Susan!
    Thank you. God bless you for making me look good.:)


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