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Each year I buy my students a Christmas book at their level or maybe just a little below their level. I want them to be able to learn them quickly, except for my older students who want to work on something longer.

One of my students had a book without Silent Night, so I made this for him. He was hesitant about the dotted quarter notes, but I told him to play like he sings it, and then it was fine. I have this little ditty that I sing, “The rhythm is the way the words go, yeah.”

Actually, I have plenty of time to teach him how to count, but for now I just want him to enjoy the seasonal music we all love.

When I made the art work, it had interesting textures that didn’t show up when I made it so tiny.  But at least it adds a little color.

I have a Primer/Level 1  version on the Christmas music page, if this one is too hard.

Enjoy the season!

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4 thoughts to “Silent Night Level 2

  • Elizabeth Olson

    Adorable! I enjoy your site so very much! Thank you for sharing your many hours of work, your creativity, and many talents with us!

  • Betty Patnude


    I want to take a moment to think you for the wonderful materials you share with your fellow piano teachers here in cyberspace. My students have benefitted greatly from my having access to your site for new music selections and the things I have learned and been stimulated by appearing here in Susan Paradis’ Piano Teaching Resources.

    I wish you the best for the NEW YEAR 2012!

    • susanparadis

      Thank you so much, Betty, and best wishes to you, too.

  • Marcia Reno Colonius

    I’m with you: I want them to enjoy the Christmas songs and not worry about figuring out the dotted quarter and eighth note rhythms, since they can play them if they know the song. It’s a time of year when they can have fun playing songs they enjoy without all the work we expect from them normally! There has to be value in that, as it will hopefully have them spending more time at the piano and learn that they can play for enjoyment! And they can play these fun pieces for family and friends during the holidays.


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