Silent Night Elementary

Silent Night in the Christmas Music Store

Silent Night is one of the harder carols because of the shift in position and the dotted rhythms. But a motivated student can get it.

After the younger student has learned it and If the student has an older sibling waiting, I will  show the older student the chords and try a duet.  By the end of Level 2 of most method books, student can play the I IV V chords in F.

Meanwhile, I gave this version of Silent Night  to a very cute little guy who is a primer student, but knows all his notes. His eyes got real big when he told me he couldn’t play it because the notes had those “weird little things on it” and he maintained this was way too hard for him. Do you remember when music looked way to hard for you?

A bright spot in my lessons this week was another student who wrote a song, complete with words, at his lesson. It was short so I was able to let him watch while I took his notes and put them in Finale.  We put his copyright on it and he thought that was cool. He told me he had rhymes and poems going on in his head all the time. I said I am the same way with melodies and I have bits of paper all over the house with sketches of music and songs.

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